When You Wonder if God Hears You

I sat before the Lord a few days ago and asked for evidence. I prayed, as I have many times before, for a drop down menu of concrete choices and acceptable options. You can imagine how successful that was.

I can always picture God smiling down on me in these moments, shaking His head with an amused roll of His eyes. I can almost feel Him squeeze my shoulder and press a kiss to the top of my head. “My precious girl,” He says. “You know that’s not how it works.”

“I know, I know,” I sigh. “But, just this once couldn’t You lay it out straight. Just tell me what to do.”

As I squeezed my eyes tight, underwhelmed by my own train of thought, the Holy Spirit etched these words on my heart: He inclines His ear.

That heart whisper met head knowledge and sent me straight to God’s word (or to a google search on my iPhone as the case may be). The verse that met me was the evidence I sought.

I love the Lord, because He has heard my voice and my pleas for mercy.
Because He inclined his ear to me, therefore I will call on Him as long as I live.

Psalm 116:1-2 ESV

Do you ever wonder if God hears? It can feel like we’re praying into empty air, like the cries of our heart simply disappear into the void without so much as confirmation of delivery. We believe, we rally our faith, but oh how we wish we knew for certain that our plea was received.

God not only hears, but He bends down to listen. 

If I could wrap my mind around that, I could solve the worlds greatest wonders, but then God wouldn’t be quite as wondrous to me. Because the One who keeps the world on its axis, who tends to the greatest universal needs, stops all that demands His attention and inclines His ear to me.

When You Wonder If God Hears You {www.simplyforone.net} http://wp.me/p2v8DX-yY

Every voice gets God’s attention, but He always listens to yours. (←Tweet that.)

And this isn’t the way we listen when our child interrupts us making dinner, or our husband calls from the top of the stairs for the socks he can’t find. This is a halting of God’s infinite work, a fixing of His eyes on ours, an attentive focus on the cry of our heart as if it is the only one He has to hear.

God leans in to listen to every single syllable you breathe.

Because He knows your voice,

And delights in the desire of your heart,

He doesn’t want to miss a thing you say.

The quiet seasons can be the most trying of our faith. We want the certainty of God’s presence. We want action and direction—we want evidence. God wants us to believe. To know that because of His very nature, His faithful character, and His incomparable love for us, He is always listening—and then moving, and then directing all things together for a good outside the realm of what we can identify in tangible form.

We don’t have to see or feel for God to hear. 

I didn’t get my drop down menu. But between you and me, I never do. My prayer wasn’t answered in the way I requested, but I left my time with the Lord with so much more than I had asked—deeper faith and even greater wonder for the One who loves me.

God inclines His ear to us. He draws near to listen. So we can keep on praying, lifting our every plea, and resting certain that even the unspoken longing of our heart has been delivered direct to the Source. Our answer may not be swift, but our words have been heard. And that’s really all the evidence we need. ♥

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34 thoughts on “When You Wonder if God Hears You

  1. “God not only hears, but He bends down to listen.” —> THIS. I love this. It’s amazing to think about God makes that kind of effort to truly hear us and know us. I’m always encouraged here. xoxo

  2. Tiffany, this is beautiful, mind-blowing truth and sweet encouragement! To ponder on these words is to marvel even more at the tremendous love God has for each and every one of us. Thinking about God pausing and listening in this way: ” a fixing of His eyes on ours, an attentive focus on the cry of our heart as if it is the only one He has to hear” is so reassuring. And He even ‘hears’ our tears as prayers, alongside the unspoken cries of our hearts. I think I need to bookmark this post for future reference when I may have times of wondering if God hears me. Thank you for the spiritual riches you offer here! <3

    1. We can all use those moments to “marvel even more”, can’t we? It’s an incredible thing to think on how very much He loves us. Yes, it’s a reminder I need to bookmark too! Blessings to you, dear Joy.

  3. I love the thought of God leaning in and listening. I’ve always been a BIG fan of God giving me a sign, or even just making a quick appearance to tell me EXACTLY what He wants me to do ;). Even just a hint would be great! lol!

    Seriously, though, as much as I’d love a sign, the quiet moments are when I’ve drawn closer to Him. Dug deeper into His word. Praised loudest, and prayed the most. There’s something special about trusting and moving forward, NOT knowing, but there is peace. Beautiful post, friend.

    1. I’m with you, Alecia – I could totally roll with the clear direction every now and then, but the sweetness of digging deep and drawing into God’s word usually yields lost lasting and far reaching benefits. There is something special about that. Thanks for being here today.

  4. Hi Tiffany,
    A drop-down menu of choices of what to do — LOVE that! Oh how I wish for that too! And I’m with you when I think God shakes his head and lovingly tells us we have him to lead us and that’s all we need. Praying is so mysterious, isn’t it, how it fills us up with him? Love this post, Tiffany, for so much to think about today!

    1. Drop down menus would be awesome, right?! Alas, that probably wouldn’t inspire that much dependence. ;) Praying is such an incredible way to access God. To know that His heart is to lean in, direct, and often change our perspective through His word and presence is just mind blowing. We have a great God!

  5. We tend to determine whether God hears based on our desired outcome. if we don’t get what we want when we want and how we want it then we assume that means He’s not listening. But that’s where we have to learn to hold on to the truth written in scripture. we can be confident that God hears simply b/c He says he does. Thanks!

    1. We can be so fickle, can’t we?! Thank goodness God doesn’t respond to us the way we respond to Him. You are right – believing that what God says in His words is truth is a solid assurance that we are heading the right direction. Thanks for joining in the conversation today, Karen.

  6. Thank you for these words. Thank you for the visual I got of Jesus bending down, turning His ear and maybe saying, “That’s my Betty” I want to know what she is saying to me… I lead a service at a facility for shut ins. I will share this with them. Betty.

  7. Smiling at the thought of being given a drop down menu. I would love that! ha. Or at least I think I would. But God knows best so I’ll be thankful he doesn’t always give me what I want but rather what he knows is best. What a blessing it is to us that he listens to us so attentively and knows us so well! May I never take that for granted. Thanks for this reminder, Tiffany.

    1. So true, Lisa – we have to be careful what we wish for. If God did deliver that drop down menu, I’d likely still choose my favorite choice over His. Such a great blessing that we have a Father who leads us in His best ways. So glad you visited me today, friend.

  8. Oh Tiffany, how I loved this post. So many times, I’ve asked God to just lay it all out for me. And how many times has He required me to walk—one faltering footfall at a time—the next step He lays out for me? So many times. I’ve been noticing how many times we hear that God inclines His ear, He hears our voice. And yes, He hears each of our distinct, God-gifted voices. What great comfort there is in that truth.

    I’m glad you got an answer, even if it wasn’t the one you wanted. Thank goodness our Daddy knows our needs even better than we do.

    You have such a beautiful way of conveying God’s truths.

    1. I love that too, Jeanne…that as much as we’ve learned to listen for His voice and direction, He knows our voice too. There is great comfort in that acknowledgment that our Father is so very invested in what we have to say. ❤️

  9. I’m with Lyli, Tiffany! This encouraged my spirit today, to know that God bends down to hear my prayer. Such a beautiful thought that God listens for every syllable we utter. What an amazing God!

  10. Such a sweet, sweet melody of words, Tiffany. I have warm fuzzies reading this – the good kind that’ll draw a girl closer to the One she loves…the One who hears her.

  11. “God not only hears, but He bends down to listen.”
    Tiffany, I love this! It’s always so comforting to be reminded what a personal God we have. You always have something so inspiring to say!
    Happy Tuesday!!!

  12. I absolutely love this Tiffany! I am learning each day that God is listening and He hears my prayers. He provides answers even for the requests I do not make because He knows exactly what i need. As it says in Matthew 6, when I seek Him He will provide. It is amazing to see God work in our lives. What an awesome God we serve that hears our every cry and plea. Thank you for this heartfelt reminder. I see you are still discovering His “wonder”:) May God continue to richly bless you as you seek Him!

    1. You always add such inspiration to the conversation, Horace. He is a God who provides indeed and the fact that He knows our every need even before we can speak it just serves to bring such depth to the sweet relationship we have with Him. He is a God who knows and a God who is able. Praising Him with you today.

  13. This is beautiful Tiffany…and I wish quite often for big ‘ol directional signs… however God seems to favor leaving just enough bread crumbs in my path for me to follow!! I was just reading about Sarai and Hagar this morning and the things that struck me were two fold– 1. Ishmael means “God hears” and 2. Hagar called God “El-roi” which means “God sees”. It’s such soul encouragement to see the same things echoed in your post today :) I know he truly does see and hear our prayers ♥ Thank you for always listening to HIM and sharing grace and truth with me. ♥

    1. Gotta love those breadcrumbs, right?! I love when God brings us further confirmation of what we are reading in His word. Just more evidence that His word is alive and at work in our lives. Sometimes I think those subtle sweet reminders get our attention even more than those big signs. Thank YOU for being here and for your faithful encouragement.

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