Adore Him

I’ve missed you, sweet friends. In a season of healing and rest, my word-by-word journey has been more thought-by-thought these days. Some days have simply been about leaning in and listening.

I find myself exceedingly grateful that words, while my Father gladly receives them, are not necessary. My Savior knows the depths of my heart, and He covers my thoughts, especially the wayward ones, with His promises.

To me and to you He says, “Come.” Come with your illness and hurt. Come with your weighed down heart and mind, your broken pieces, your fleeting joy and pressing problems. No performance or pretense is required. Simply enter in. To know My peace, simply come as you are.

“Come. Because I adore you,” He whispers to our weary hearts.

Jesus was born to love us—with His life, His blood, His spirit that abides with us, His grace ever beside us. Our precious Savior was laid in a manger to rescue, redeem, and remind us that no matter our arriving condition, we are adored by our Heavenly Father.

Adore Him {}

From the depths of my heart, I wish you a Christmas where you find space to adore the One who adores you. Savor the presence of the One who gave His all so that you could come as you are and know that you are adored—beyond measure, beyond death, and into the abundance of life everlasting.

Come to Him. Give yourself over to His amazing love. Then gather it up, bring it as an offering, and adore Him. ❤️

Wishing you great joy & glad tidings this Christmas and into the New Year. Praying that you’ll join me on new journeys in 2016 at



8 thoughts on “Adore Him

  1. We’ve missed you too, Tiffany! Sorry to hear you’ve been unwell. But time spent resting in the Lord is never wasted. Leaning in and listening will bring their own reward.
    I loved your post and was particularly touched by these words: “Come to Him. Give yourself over to His amazing love” because I sense God asking me to focus more on His love in the year ahead.
    Praying for a greater measure of healing to come and a restful spirit as you wait upon His timing. Words will come when they need to. Blessings and love. Xx

  2. I’m so glad you’re back, Tiffany. I’m sorry you are ill, and I pray God will give you further healing and strength. I am so comforted by your post. This part especially spoke to me – “Come. Because I adore you,” To think that God adores ME is so hard to imagine. What wondrous love! May God fill you with His love and peace this Christmas and always!

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