One More Bounce

“A tethered heart rests securely, knowing God is our Strength and Shield.” Karen Ehman

My desire is to keep my heart tethered to God – to His word and to the power of His Holy Spirit that whispers His precious promises to me, reminding me that I am His.

Here comes the but . . . sometimes I feel like I’m tethered to Him with a bungee cord. I bounce, I flail, I waver. One moment my heart is fixed on Him, anchored in trust and confidence and I’m sure that nothing and no one could cause me to doubt, no way, no how.

Then, enter in a wrench in my plans – bounce.
A nagging insecurity – bounce.
A word I wasn’t ready for – bounce.
A word I shouldn’t have spoken – bounce.
A worry, a fear – bounce.
A glaring sin – bounce.

The list goes on – and, I bounce. I stretch that cord to its limits as I travel further and further away from Him on the road paved with doubt and disbelief.

It’s easy to stay tethered when skies are blue and perfect is on the horizon. But, bring on the gray skies and storms and our flesh yearns to tuck tail and run.

We crave perfection, we yearn for easy, simplicity brings rest. I think that’s because God has bigger plans for us. Our hearts are turned towards Him and we don’t belong in this fallen world – it’s not our home. We want a happily every after and friend, if you know Him personally, you’ll get it. But, we live here in this fallen world and we fall too . . . everyday.

Falling isn’t easy. But I’m tethered to the Lord.

As long as I’m attached to Him – in His word, in fellowship, worshipping Him – I may fall, but I bounce right back up. He’ll only let me run so far. That bungee cord only stretches so much before He starts to reel me back in.

And as He draws me back, He assures me that His love is deep, His plans are good, and His ways are higher. Sometimes I bounce so hard and so fast that I lose sight of the fact that He is still and always in control. My unexpected and uncertain moments are bathed in His grace and coated in His mercy. He knows, He sees, and He understands – especially when I don’t.

When I don’t feel Him, see Him, or get why, He is still and always there. I promise, He promises You that He will never leave or forsake You. Strength will rise as He lifts you up. Turn those eyes heavenward and claim His strength as Yours. Then cling to it, hold on tight, and don’t let go.

You will fall, you might run, you will doubt and waver and worry. Just remember, it’s His mighty hand on the other end of that cord and He’s not letting you go. You are tethered to Him. His grip is tight and He is bound and determined to keep picking you up, reeling you in, and reminding you that you are His. Over and over again, He’ll do it everyday. He doesn’t grow weary.

He loves you that much. He is not letting go. He. Is. Not. Letting. Go.


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