Rewriting the Story {Part 2}

God is an incredible author.

He writes beautiful shades of purple and pink across a sun-setting sky. He speaks the heady, thick scent of orange blossoms into existence. He breathes life into the Holy Words that are perfectly intentioned from His heart to ours.

God is the author of our stories too – the ones that blossom out of delight and those that rise out of ashes – the pages we wouldn’t have had the courage to write on our own.

Rewriting the Story 2

The same hands that set the stars in the sky, pen perfect words across our lives – written by Him, for us, with unique purpose.

Yet we are so prone to question the worth behind our stories.

We assume they aren’t enough – not popular, or fascinating, or filled with epic moments. Not worthy, or honorable, or even complete.

And so we hand our stories over. We allow others to scribble between the lines and fill in the gaps. We release what God is authoring with unprecedented power and might and surrender our blank pages to those, who in our eyes, seem more equipped to finish the manuscript:

The Church Story: I’m exceedingly grateful for the sound and accurate preaching of His word and for His chosen people who speak His truth into our lives. Church is necessary and good, but they don’t write our story or author our gifts.

“For am I now seeking the approval of man, or of God? If I were still trying to please man, I would not be a servant of Christ.” Galatians 1:10 ESV

In our efforts to please Him, we can work our tail off to please them. In our search for relationship with God, we can pursue the stand-in of their approval. And when church isn’t pleased or inviting, we assume that God isn’t either. God’s approval isn’t ever something we have to earn and unfortunately, church isn’t always the place you’ll find grace.

Our story isn’t written by a building with perishable walls, our story is written by God.

The People Story: We love them and do life with them – our friends, family, spouses, and co-laborers. But in our desire to rightly represent God, we can falsely elevate their opinions. We nod to be agreeable. We bite our tongue to evade conflict. We stuff down our truth to avoid negative attention. Perhaps we even cast stones alongside the other stone throwers just to avoid being cast out ourselves.

“Stop regarding man in whose nostrils is breath, for of what account is he?”
Isaiah 2:22 ESV

Our need to please can even mask itself behind the label of a quiet and gentle spirit. But when we are stifling God in us in order to please others around us, we are quenching the Spirit. That’s neither quiet nor gentle, that’s a recipe for passive-aggressive bitterness filtered through sarcasm. I’ve nodded and agreed with the best of them, but truth demands an audience and ours should never be sacrificed in the search of acceptance.

Our story isn’t written by people with fleeting breath, our story is written by God.

The Bondage Story: We aren’t designed to fit into molds – we are created to break them. We are a chosen people who were never meant to be limited by sin. God was so convinced of that, He sacrificed His Son to free us from it. But we continually put ourselves in chains and confine ourselves to limitations.

“For the weapons of our warfare are not of the flesh but have divine power to destroy strongholds.” 2 Corinthians 10:4 ESV

I’m just a stay at home mom. I’m just a substitute teacher. I just write a blog. No one really cares what I have to say. My message doesn’t matter. Those words have parted my lips and I’m sure you have your equivalent. But God doesn’t make mistakes and when we doubt who He made us to be or what He’s given us to do, aren’t we really doubting Him? That’s binding ourselves to less, when God’s purpose for us is more.

Our story isn’t written by contingencies and qualifiers, our story is written by God.

The early years of my faith were spent trying to uncover God – who He was, what He wanted, what my faith should look like. I was so focused on the “how” and “why”, I missed the Who. I skipped right passed the chapter on grace and spent myself on striving to figure out who I was “supposed to be” in Christ.

And when I finally found her, I hid her because I didn’t think she was enough.

Our stories have power to glorify Christ. So it’s no surprise that the enemy wants to make us feel like they’re insignificant or boring. Satan wants you to think that your story is meaningless – even he knows what will happen when you realize it isn’t.

God has written your story, Christ made it perfect, and you can’t re-write what is finished.

Our testimony is the way we track God’s movement across the pages of our life. Bright, red lines blot out the imperfections and His notes fill our margins. Your story doesn’t have to big and bold to mean something. Your story is remarkable because it was written by Him.

So tell it.
Don’t edit the imperfections.
Don’t limit your truth.
Don’t give away your power.

Tell the world what He’s writing on your life so they believe He’s still the author.
So they believe He can write their story too.

In case you didn’t catch it – here’s Rewriting the Story {Part 1}. Please feel the freedom to share your story in the comments below knowing that this is a place of grace and love. I believe in the power of what God is authoring on your life, as well as mine, and would be blessed to encourage you on your journey.

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