When Faith Feels Complicated

I fell into bed with a deep sigh and a whimper of relief, as if I hadn’t only emerged from my comfy cocoon 12-hours before.

“What’s wrong?” my husband asked knowingly.

“Just thinking.” I offered with a shrug.

“Those thoughts, huh? Your brain needs an off switch, babe.” He swung his arm wide offering my favorite spot to lay my head on his chest; the one where he can knead the tension from my neck.

After all these years, my husband knows my heaves and sighs mean my mind is on over-drive—over analyzing, over-thinking, and more often than not, over-doing.

Over the past weeks, I’ve found myself seated before the Lord with questions. I’ve asked them before, but the answers feel forgotten. “What if I did this? Or how about the other instead? Do I quit? Do I press on? What do you think, Lord? What should I do?”

Honestly, I’m exhausted just asking.

Sometimes faith can feel deep, wide, and hard, but we don't have to make it complicated. We just need to believe. | Faith | Encouragement | Christian blog | Strength | Bible Quote | Scripture | Hope

I’m so guilty of this…asking hundreds of questions and thinking dozens of thoughts rather than simply pursuing truth. I’m pretty sure God looks down on me like, “Sweet girl, why are you making it so complicated?”

We do that, don’t we? We take what God has given with brilliant simplicity, pure authority and unsurpassed power and we twist, bend, mold, multiply, distort and then try to pass it off as His idea. Where He brings good plans and perfect order, we create a mess. And then we ask Him to fix it.

“For Jesus doesn’t change–yesterday, today, tomorrow,
He’s always totally Himself.” Hebrews 13:8 MSG

We can see it all around us too, can’t we? Those whom we once trusted to rightly divide God’s word have part and parceled it beyond recognition. They’ve created their own doctrine and fashioned their own gospel, and delivered it to us with the expectation that we’ll rally in support.

God doesn’t complicate things. We do.

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God’s truth has not changed, and neither has our access to it. His Spirit speaks and we still have ears to hear. I’m so grateful for those who offer wisdom, guidance, and instruction, but there is no voice that can ever replace God’s.

Today, instead of asking all my questions and rattling off my needs, I listened—to the birds singing, the wind rustling the palm branches, and my breath pressing in and out. It was as if God whispered, “It doesn’t need to be so hard.”

There is freedom, clarity, and rest in that reassurance.

God’s word doesn’t need to be complex in order to be meaningful.

His truth doesn’t need to be deep to have eternal value.

His answers don’t change, and they are still right.

We may have forgotten, but truth is right where we left it. We don’t need to make faith complicated, we just need to believe. 

By His endless grace,

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