Regrets and Amends

If I could flip through a scrapbook of my twelve years with my son (for illustration’s sake, let’s say I had time to scrapbook) there would be many wonderful memories to sift through. Snapshots would capture the excitement of all the “firsts” and the proud moments of motherhood.

If the photos reflected reality, they would also display the memories that make my stomach roll and shame come calling. The days when I was impatient, when words were spoken out of exhaustion and blew up into anger. The moments I should have embraced instead of dismissed as annoying interruptions.

Regrets have a way of surfacing in vivid color and fading the happier memories to gray.

No one can truly prepare us for parenthood, can they? We can read the books and heed advice up to our eyeballs, but being responsible for another life is the biggest journey of faith we will ever embark on. It is a step-by-step, trial by fire, uphill battle. The rewards are promised, but aren’t always seen in the trenches…

I was so delighted to be asked to guest post over at Wild Flower Mom today. Stacy is a busy mom of twin boys who has a heart for sharing her journey, with honesty and transparency, in order to encourage others. Please pop over to continue reading this post and while you’re there, take a minute to get to know Stacy. It’s been my joy to connect with this lovely lady and I know you’ll be blessed by her too.

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