The Kind of Giving that Gives Back

The question creeps into a late night conversation while we catch up over the DVR. “What would you like to do for Mother’s Day?” It’s followed by a very macho pleading to throw him a bone in the form of my wants and deepest desires.

I confess, I’m terrible at offering gift ideas.

My shrugs, hems, and haws don’t make it easy on my husband who, despite his most valiant efforts, suffers from mild PTSD over my not-so-subtle requests for the receipt and not-stealth-enough missions to the return line.

I can blow $75 at Target on Ziploc bags, scented candles, and $1 bin must-haves, but I’m not one to throw down for my wants. If it’s essential, I pick it up. If I long for something, I over think it until I justify the funds or my husband convinces me that it’s beyond okay to replace the throw pillows from 1999.

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As I’ve gotten older, my taste and style has simplified. As much as I love a good surprise, I prefer one thing I really love over a lot of things that will be donated to Goodwill before their six month anniversary.

In honor of all the mamas out there—and ALL your gift giving and receiving convenience and pleasure—I’ve comprised a list of a few of my favorite places to shop.

Why are they my favorites, you ask?

Because you can shop from the couch on messy bun Monday.

Because they offer quality, convenience, and excellent service.

Because these gifts give back to causes bigger than the bottom line—hooray!

Giving that Gives Back: 5 Gifts with Great Cause

Girl Set Free "I Once Was Lost" Tee {}Girl Set Free:
This ethical fashion brand is at the top of my list because I have LOVED its founder Amy Kratzer from her early days in the faith blogging community. God has given her and GSF’s growing tribe an incredible vision for simply beautiful designs that create life changing opportunity for artisans in Nepal, Cambodia, Italy, and even within her own Ohio community. Every dollar leads to freedom and that is money well spent.


Noonday Collection:
There is a lot of jewelry in the world today, but not every piece changes it. The beautiful artisan crafted pieces from Noonday are cultivated through partnerships that create sustainable businesses within at risk communities. My Noonday Ambassador, Joanna, is generously giving away a beautiful Safari Stack paper bead bracelet, crafted in Uganda, with your $50 purchase!

Assortment of the beautiful Noonday Collection Spring Line {}

Check out these awesome gifts that give back!

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Hope Outfitters:
I found this gem of a company on Instagram when I saw one of their t-shirts featuring my son’s life verse – Micah 6:8. I would have bought it anyways, but when I discovered their “Buy 1-Give 100” vision that has funded campaigns for human trafficking, at-risk youth, and currently Mercy Ships of Hope, a sailing hospital, I bought two shirts! Check out their attire and accessories for all your gift-giving needs.

Hope Outfitters Men's and Women's Tees {}

ViBella "Be Happy" Bracelet and Book Bundle {}ViBella Jewelry and The Happiness Dare:
This giving opportunity is two-for-one goodness! ViBella Jewelry is committed to bringing employment and empowerment to their artisans in Haiti, and now they’ve partnered with one of my favorite authors to bring you this beautiful ribbon wrap “Be Happy” bracelet AND The Happiness Dare book, by Jennifer Dukes Lee. But hurry, supplies are limited so make a mom, grad, or birthday even happier today!

Use to donate a percentage of your purchases to your favorite charity or non-profit.Amazon Smile:
Hello to shopping in a pinch! And, if you happen to be a Prime Member hello to free shipping. We use Amazon ALL the time in our home and with just a small shift in the web address (, you can give a proceed of your purchases to the charity or non-profit of your choice.

I hope these ideas will make your gift giving more meaningful and your gift receivers even more thankful for the heart to give back behind them.

To all the mamas out there—may your Mother’s Day be sweet and might you be reminded that it is kingdom work you do. It is holy ground we tread upon as we raise up humans to love the Lord and proclaim His excellencies. Whether you find yourself at a sink full of dishes, in a room full of runny noses, or like me, driving your teen every which way and then some, keep at it! No one else could do it quite like you. 

By His endless grace,

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