The Lord Knows How {FMF: Doubt}

It’s been FOR-EV-ER since I’ve been able to link up with the sweet Five Minute Friday gang, and I wasn’t planning on joining them today either. But when “doubt” popped up on my twitter feed last night, the wheels started spinning. An open spot in my morning schedule just confirmed that it was time to lay down some words. So here goes …

It creeps out of corners, rallies even the best of intentions and can quickly snowball into spiritual warfare. And the thing about doubt is that it disguises itself so well. It’s just a question, right? A wonder. Mere curiosity. It wraps itself around a couple of what-ifs and we are none the wiser.

But it’s so much more than that. 

We’ve all fallen prey, and while the balm of grace covers our doubt filled indiscretions, the hard truth of the matter — the ugly truth — is that doubt rides the coat tails of a lapse in faith. Left unchecked it looks a whole lot like worry and fear…and unbelief.

It’s not what we doubt, but Who.

We are under the covering of a sovereign King who rules and reigns with authority and power second to none. He spoke light into existence. He knits together life in the womb. The sun sits in the sky, the moon shines at night, and the earth remains on its fragile axis all because of the depth and breadth of His might.

And yet, we doubt.

{When We Wonder} FMF: Doubt

It’s human nature, fallen flesh, entwined in our desire to know, and control, and determine the course of our steps. We want that crystal ball, the answers that await us, and the satisfaction of every longing fulfilled.

“So you see, the Lord knows how to rescue godly people from their trials.”
2 Peter 2:9

As I skimmed across the pages of the Word this past week, this promise jumped off the page and was written across my heart in a brand new way. Which could be an entire post – and probably will be. But…

The Lord knows how.

He is able. He is willing.

He. Knows. How.

With a foreknowledge and wisdom that so far exceeds anything we can begin to comprehend, the Lord knows how to: rescue, redeem, deliver, comfort, heal, encourage, prepare, provide, forgive, love, endure, bind wounds, wipe tears, bring joy, exceed our desires, and enable our dreams.

Fill in your blanks. The list could go on, and on, an on — for eternity.

And friend, for us who are the godly people who He daily delivers from frailty and human form, from flesh and doubt, we have the gift of forever with the One who helps our unbelief. The One who comes alongside us, even in our doubt, and promises that no matter how far we go, we can’t ever outrun Him.

We may not understand. Answers may never come in the form we would choose. But this single truth is a certain as tomorrow’s sunrise:

The Lord knows how. {<=== Tweet that!}

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