When You Need Some Insta-Encouragement

I’m the wife, mom, teacher, taxi driver, writer/blogger, daughter, friend, family counselor and CEO of household chores. If you’re anything like me, you wear many hats. If we’re kindred spirits, you too are juggling those hats and doing your darnedest not to step on one as you scramble for the other.

While writer/blogger is one of my more stylish and treasured hats, it can often get left on the bottom of the pile. If you wear this hat too, you know that one way or another, the urge to write wiggles its way to the top.

In order to satisfy that craving to lay down words, I’ve turned to Instagram. I have a love-hate relationship with social media, and most recently I’ve been quite convicted about the amount of time I spend waste there. But, Instagram has proven to be friendly to my schedule and fruitful (unlike the snobby Facebook algorithm), and I love the community I’ve found there.

Whether giving or receiving encouragement, Instagram is a great asset to add to the bloggers toolkit. http://wp.me/p2v8DX-Mg {www.simplyforone.net} | Encouragment | Faith | Blogging Basics | Inspiration | Instagram |

As a Christian blogger, Instagram has given me the opportunity to both share what God is laying on my heart and encourage others without composing a full-length blog post. And when blog posts are written, Instagram has also given me a place to invite others to read more by posting a short “teaser.”

Pardon me while I share a few tips will my fellow bloggers:

I pair Instagram with the Typorama app on my iPhone and use my favorite photos or even free Unsplash stock photos to create quick & lovely graphics. Paired with short & sweet words, that’s an ideal combination. Canva, Desygner, and PicMonkey are some other user-friendly design applications that all offer an Instagram crop size (a.k.a “tile” or square). 

And guess what? You can even link your Instagram account to your Facebook and Twitter profiles so one post finds three times as many readers looking for encouragement. Go figure, but the Facebook algorithm seems to favor reach on posts linked directly from Instagram these days.

But wait, there’s more! You can use Typorama to create a vertical pinnable image (I use the 3×5 crop size) and you’re all set for Pinterest too. That is working smarter not harder, friends!

If you don’t already follow me on Instagram, I invite you to join me there—maybe even set up your own feed and give it a try. It’s painless, I promise.

Today though, I’m sharing a couple of my recent IG [short for Instagram] posts and offering you some insta-encouragement. Let me know how you enjoy these smaller doses of real conversation. If you’re on Instagram, leave your profile name in the comments so I can come visit you too! 

And P.S. … click my IG graphics below for a printable takeaway!

On Returning and Rest

Why is it we’ll move heaven and earth to honor EVERY commitment we make, yet we’ll stand by and watch as the one we’ve made to Jesus slides to the bottom of our to-do list?

Facing a running start schedule today, I scanned my few unfilled moments worrying whether I should squeeze in one more thing. Another appointment? A blog post? That errand? Shouldn’t I be more productive? If I don’t DO more, I’ll BE less, right?

I could almost picture Jesus patting our favorite spot on the sofa saying, “Come and sit. Come and seek.” My weary heart knew what me busy flesh wanted to forsake. I could believe the “it’s not enough” whisper, I could be tempted by “one more thing,” but it wouldn’t be the One I need the most.

I chose to return and I found rest. I quieted those lies and found Jesus right where He said He’d be. And just so you know…He’s waiting for you too. 

On Strength and Success

A few weeks ago, I received some good and godly advice. Like a cool cup of water, it came in a dry season of wait. There was just one problem…I had no idea how I’d ever manage to do it.

“I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.” (Phil. 4:13) It’s a verse so many are familiar with, but as I read those words hungry for ability and strength, I began to see them in a whole new light.

“All” things aren’t the easy and ordinary, but the seemingly impossible too. And “doing” isn’t us gathering our resources and abilities, but pursuing with PURPOSE and INTENTION those greater than our own. And the measure of our success isn’t that WE suddenly feel strong and able, but that we realize that GOD is.

Turning to Jesus when we cannot do it alone means we realize we don’t have to. That’s strength, and friends, that’s right where God wants us. 

I know this is a break from my normal blog format, but I hope you’ve found an encouraging word here today—and maybe even a bit of information. My desire is and always remains to draw our hearts towards Jesus, and Instagram is just one more way I can share Him with you.

By His endless grace,



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In Returning and Rest Isaiah 30:15 | Faith | Strength | Christian | Hope | Encouragement | Inspiration | www.simplyforone.net
Turning to Jesus when we cannot do it alone means we realize we don't have to. That's strength. | Faith | Strength | Hope | Inspiration | Encouragement | www.simplyforone.net

24 thoughts on “When You Need Some Insta-Encouragement

  1. Hi Tiffany. Funny, I just followed you on IG today before I read this post! Yes, I too appreciate the shorter post length on IG for when I just can’t find the time for a full length blog post. There’s always so much to do, isn’t there? Kids, meals, cleaning (maybe), gardening, and in my case, homeschooling, that it’s a wonder I ever kick out a blog post!
    Thank you for finding the time to write this. Visiting from #GraceandTruth.

  2. Thank you for these tips and encouragement, Tiffany. I have thought about Instagram, but that’s all the further I got. I like the caution Ashley gives, too. Your Instagram about how you were convicted especially moves me. Oh yes, we need to purposely and intentionally choose God first each day! Sometimes I have to ask God to remove all the hidden idols out of my heart, because I’m afraid there are more there than I realize. Love and hugs!

    1. Yes – those idols have a way of catching up to us don’t they. It takes intention, but there isn’t anything worth seeking more than God first. Love and hugs back to you, sweet Trudy.

  3. I love your IG feed. :) And I’m happy to learn about Typorama … I tried another text over photo app and didn’t like it at all so I’ll try this one!

  4. Thank you, thank you. This is all so good for me as I have attempted to do a bit of this, but have not used Instagam at all. And the other links and how tos are great. Oh, and the Scripture from Isaiah is a dear one to my heart. Thank you.

  5. I completely agree! I think the most important part is only following people that encourage you rather than make you feel less than. I just recently unfollowed probably 100 people and now my instagram is a place to go for encouragement and its so special.

    1. That’s wise advice, Ashley. I agree…we can be tempted to follow-for-follow but then we truly aren’t authentically engaging or encouraging. Thanks so much for stopping by today and sharing your thoughts!

    1. Yay! So glad you liked it, April. Something a little different for me, but I figure it’s good to share what I’ve learned along the way! Thanks for coming by today and yes, give IG a fighting chance. ;)

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