When You’re Waiting on God

Waiting is hard.

That’s an opinion I feel confident asserting. Not that I’d take to the Capitol steps to gather supporters, but if I did an unofficial poll, it’s safe to say the general population would agree with me. We’ve all experienced some season and degree of wait—and chances are we didn’t like it. 

What have you waited for?

Your health to be restored?

Life to look the way you dreamed it might?

People you love to know Jesus?

Long-awaited desires to blossom from the seeds of prayer?

Waiting is hard. If we’re fortunate, our wait has an end in sight and with steps—even small ones—we close the distance on our prize. Sometimes though, there is no visible finish and our only choice is to exert the effort and discipline required to wait well.

I find myself in the latter crowd, and while I confess I’m not crazy about it nor do I want to get cozy up in here, I can say with confidence that God is at work in my wait. He’s showing me some things I need to see, and some I need to get rid of.

We've all experienced some season and degree of wait--and chances are we didn't like it. Waiting IS hard, but we can learn to wait well and be better for it. Read more at simplyforone.net {http://wp.me/p2v8DX-LT}

Why do we wait on God?

I’m a HUGE fan of quick response and rapid action, but we who have walked with God know that we cannot sway His timetable. The longer we journey in faith, the more we also learn that we wouldn’t want to.

While we may be unwilling participants in the waiting process, our willingness to learn while we’re there makes all the difference.

In other words, what motivates us to wait?

“Whoever exalts himself will be humbled,
and whoever humbles himself will be exalted.” Matthew 23:12

At the start of this year, I penned this prayer as I entered this season of waiting. The motive of my wait is that I simply don’t want to pursue anything that God doesn’t want for me.

We may not know what God is doing, but if our desire is that what comes next, come by His hand, then we choose to wait on Him. That doesn’t mean we are passive participants in this life—or that we’re weak, oppressed, or giving up—but it does mean that we don’t climb, claw, or chase. We don’t demand or declare our way right, best, or first.

If we want what God wants for us, we don’t live exalted, but remain humble, believing that what He can do far surpasses anything we could do alone. 

Why is waiting worth it?

When God gave me “seek” as my word for 2017, He also planted me in Proverbs. Being a story lover who enjoys a little chronology and order in my bible study, the bits and pieces of this wisdom book felt awkward and choppy at first. But after a few days, I knew exactly why God planted me there.

Waiting goes hand-in-hand with wisdom, and God’s word
is the greatest source.

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In the midst of my wait I want to be equipped with wisdom, but I also long for peace to accept the process. No one wants to wait wrapped-up in anxiety and weighed-down by stress.

“A tranquil heart gives life to the flesh,
    but envy makes the bones rot.” Proverbs 14:30

<< Tranquil: peaceful, serene, unflustered, untroubled, composed. >>

Friends, don’t you want to declare your heart unflustered and composed? I’m convinced that God knows that waiting isn’t easy for us, and He wants peace to reign in our hearts. But at the tail end of that very wise verse, God has something else to say.

… envy makes the bones rot.

Waiting can often lead to comparison. It can cause us to wonder why we haven’t been afforded the same timing or given the same opportunity as people around us. I’ve been seduced by those lies. I’ve confessed that sting of envy. It’s ugly, and it rots us from the inside out.

If our heart is God’s plan-God’s way, then we won’t want what He’s given others, we’ll want what He’s designed for us. We won’t be satisfied with anything less.

If we’re not willing to wait for what God has for us,
we’ll live envying what others have been given.

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Waiting IS hard, but it’s worth it. Fun? No. Easy? Nah-uh. But here’s the thing: we serve a God who is willing to make us wait for His best. A God who doesn’t want us to settle for less. A God who takes time and care to cultivate in us a person who is ready to receive His very best when He chooses to deliver it. That’s worth it.

The wait isn’t meant to be simple, it’s meant to supply us with everything we need to walk worthy of what God will give. When I get there, I want it be with wisdom on my mind, tranquility in my heart, and strength in my bones. Don’t you? 

By His endless grace,

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36 thoughts on “When You’re Waiting on God

  1. You have such a way with words, Tiffany! Beautiful post! Thank you for sharing wise insights, big reminders, and ways to wait. The wait has meaning. Like a polaroid picture, something is developing. We just have to trust that when the development is done, we’ll get to see it :)

  2. Such wise words here, friend. I’ve been in those seasons of waiting, and they’re hard. God is faithful even when we can’t see what’s happening. I’m so glad you linked up at #ThreeWordWednesday.

  3. Hi Tiffany, I’m in a season of waiting also. I know I’ll look back and see how God was growing my character, even though this season is hard. Your neighbor at #coffeeforyourheart.

  4. Great post Tiffany! I loved what you said about not “clawing, climbing or chasing”. Such a mental image comes to mind. Also enjoyed the way you finished this – “Wisdom on my mind, tranquility in my heart and strength in my bones”. Love that!!

    1. Thank you, Gretchen. I’ve been around my fair share of clawers and climbers and, as much as waiting is hard, I find myself far more suited to keep company with those in the waiting room. :) So glad you visited!

  5. So true, Tiffany. Waiting is hard, but being outside of God’s best for us — is harder. So thankful He gives us everything we need and nothing we don’t. (Loved your instagram prayer too–followed you!) (I’m new to instagram, but I think I might love it. :) ) — Thanks for sharing, Tiffany. ((sweet blessings))

    1. That’s such a wise point, Brenda…waiting in His presence is so much better that the alternative. So glad you joined the conversation today…and the Instagram fun! Blessings back to you.

  6. You are so wise, a very worship-filled writer. I think you’ve hit a note that many of us have faced in our walk. Thank God he’s stronger and better than anything envy could ever offer. Good word, Tiffany.

  7. Amen! Proverbs is where I am at right now and yes it was very choppy at first but it’s starting to stir me the more I read it and am actually looking forward to each new chapter every day. Thank you for sharing this and I believe it’s well worth it.

    1. I’m finding such treasure in Proverbs. I’m walking through it in a She Reads Truth study and they just have a way of cutting to the heart of the matter. Thanks for joining the conversation today, Lorin.

  8. I’m waiting too, Tiffany. I suppose we all are waiting on something. Thank you for this encouragement along the way: “The wait isn’t meant to be simple, it’s meant to supply us with everything we need to walk worthy of what God will give.”

  9. Thank you for this inspiration to wait on God, Tiffany. Since I easily fall into the comparison-trap, this line is especially a good reminder for me – “If our heart is God’s plan-God’s way, then we won’t want what He’s given others, we’ll want what He’s designed for us.” So true. Love and hugs!

  10. Waiting is the WORST! I have found that in God’s mercy, get throws me a bone every now and again to remind me He is working. Great read and wonderful encouragement. I’m sending this to a friend!

  11. Beautifully put, as always Tiffany! So much thought goes into your lovely posts as you mix in the ingredients of inspiration, reflection and encouragement with the words that encourage us. Waiting with wisdom is what we need more of — I think I’ll take a look into Proverbs for more of what I need! :) xo

    1. I’ll confess, I baulked a bit when God seated me in Proverbs, but it’s been SO good. I’m doing a She Reads Truth study and they have a way of really getting to it! Thanks for being here, friend. xoxo

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