Holiday Devastation or Delight?

Lighting the Christmas tree was my job [only mine]. With careful attention to the most minute detail, I would unwind endless strands of crystalline white [only white] lights across the branches of our Noble [only a Noble] fir tree.

This job required talent, folks. One must be born—created even—to light a tree with this kind of precision. Bulb and cord must be perfectly positioned and tucked so that every ornament and sparkly what-not reflects light just so.

It’s enough to drive a girl mad. And that’s exactly what it did.

Holiday Devastation or Delight? {}

By the end of the tree lighting ordeal, I was full of the polar opposite of Christmas spirit. Family members fled, fearing even the mention of an unlit branch would send pine needles flying. My goal was to create memories, but not the kind that would require counseling.

To my credit, my intentions were good. I wanted our tree to be a beautiful place for our family to gather and celebrate one of my favorite times of year. From the front window of our home, I longed for warmth and welcome to radiate to the neighborhood beyond.

Rather than fixing my heart on the gathering, welcome, and the faith that fueled them, I focused on making it flawless.

I’m thrilled to be at Leigh Ellen Eades’ place today to join her Home for the Holidays series. Follow me on over to Raising An Arrow to learn how I’ve laid down the tree lights and picked up a healthier perspective for the holidays.

You can also find this post at the Grace & Truth linkup.

7 thoughts on “Holiday Devastation or Delight?

  1. Beautifully stated Tiffany. A couple years ago I sat with my mother and told her we need to take a step back and enjoy the holidays.instead of worrying that every family member within a 150 mile radius received a gift. I love my family and I pray that my everyday actions and words show that. If I am able to give something at Christmas time, I thank God for the opportunity. I want to be a good steward of His blessings and if I can bless my family members in return, that’s a bonus. I always appreciate your heartfelt posts that glorify God. Have a fantastic week and may God richly bless you and yours.

  2. You’re cracking me up here. I wanted to create memories, but not the kind that require counselling! Ha! I’ve decided tree decorating, especially with littles, is overrated. No matter how calm I would try to stay, by the time the lights were on the tree, I was ready for a glass of wine. :) Heading over there to see what you say, friend.

    1. It’s sad, but true. Age, experience, and grace have taught me to let those little things go. The tree is beautiful, but so are the people around it and that’s what I’m trying to focus on now.

  3. Such wise points, Tiffany. That perfectionist in us sure can get in the way, can’t it? I love and am slowly learning this truth – “There is freedom and rest in releasing perfection and clinging to Jesus.” Thank you for reminding us to celebrate this season with and for Jesus. Have a blessed weekend and Thanksgiving! Hugs!

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