When You Need Balance

Every year, I mourn the end of summer. While there is a part of me that appreciates fall’s set routine, I’m often looking over my shoulder with fond remembrance of the longer days, slower pace, and heaps of family togetherness that summer afforded.

Right around this time of year – mid September – I realize I have every right to mourn summer’s passing, and I give serious consideration to sack cloth, ashes, and a face-planted-pleading-prayer for summer to return. I’m not ashamed to admit that there may even be a few messy tears.

Balance. It’s the culprit and my earnest prayer every fall. That God in His infinite wisdom and exceeding grace would somehow supernaturally infuse balance into my life. That my days would be measured, well-planned, chock full of efficiency, and entirely interruption free.

[Insert a resounding laugh from the whole of heaven.]

For any of us who have attempted to achieve balance, we are well-acquainted with the fact that it does not come all that easy. It doesn’t at all diminish His goodness, but God certainly does not dole out balance like generous scoops of ice cream on a hot summer day. [insert sigh.]

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Balance is achieved one step at a time. «Tweet that»

It’s a truth I’ve come face-to-face with on countless occasions, yet still somehow remain ridiculously shocked every time it reemerges. I wish for more balance, less of the have-to, and more of the love-to in my life. I fight the place I’m in and call it wrong, and wonder why that feels so uncomfortable.

This morning, the guy on my yoga video (see, balance!) said these words, “when we pursue balance, we must face imbalance, and more often than not, that’s very uncomfortable.” While he was speaking to the deep stretch in my hamstring, God spoke to the strong pull on my heart.

Balance isn’t achieved by standing still and complaining to God about where He has us, or running ahead and ignoring what He needs us to see, it simply happens one careful choice at a time.

“For everything there is a season…”
Ecclesiastes 3:1 NLT

My control over the [albeit, mildly crazy busy] place God has me at this moment is precisely equal to my control over the return of summer or the entrance of winter—zero, zilch, nada. What is in my hands is my ability to pursue contentment in this place, to accept and receive grace, and (in the words of Elisabeth Elliot) simply do the next thing. That, my friends, feels so much more comfortable.

We can fight for balance all we want. We can wish life looked different, more dreamy like the folks next door, or made to our precise order. Or…we can lean into the place that God has us, and rather than fight Him for our way, we can trust His.

Life might not look like we think it should, but from God’s vantage point, everything is perfectly in balance. He is an expert at fine-tuning the universe, and that precision extends to us. If we’ll allow ourselves the time to see things His way, rather than fight for our own, balance is a whole lot closer than we know. 

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38 thoughts on “When You Need Balance

  1. Summer in the south is way to hot and sticky. You can barely breathe in Atlanta in August, so paint me an Autumn kind of girl. Sweatshirts, bleachers, hot cocoa, and cupping my hands on a crock of warm soup while sitting on the deck surrounded by a blaze of color in the trees. Can’t get better than that for me. But then balance… how would i appreciate the fall without the experience of summer to balance it.. It’s the refreshment from the heat that makes me love it so much. We too need to remember that the highs and lows of our lives bring balance too. we cannot appreciate the grace of blessing if we have not experienced the poverty of loss as well. and we cannot cling to the mercy of God if we have not been broken by our destitute state. Thanks for your post… and btw, love the website redesign! Beautiful!.

  2. “when we pursue balance, we must face imbalance, and more often than not, that’s very uncomfortable.” A wise yoga instructor. :) I love your take that we just need to lean into God. He can correct for all our imbalances and make our way straight again.

  3. Hi Tiffany,
    I’m with you on loving summer! It seems the busier we are, the more we need rest and balance. The stretch into the holiday season that comes so quickly after September ends wears me out just thinking about it (and I don’t even have kids!) but taking the next step is the best plan to follow!

  4. Tiffany, it has been too long since I have been over here in your space. Great post. I love all the seasons. But I too mourn a little bit of summer too.

  5. This spoke to my heart this morning > We find balance WHEN “…we can lean into the place that God has us.” Those simple words made me realize that the misconception {{aka> LIE}} is that when I am leaning, I will topple. Balance is obtained in the leaning – leaning on the One Who steadies me on my feet. He is the balance. So grateful to have stopped here this morning. And your new design is beautiful!

    1. Such beautiful thoughts, Joanne. We can get caught up in that lie that we are responsible for holding ourselves up, that leaning is a bad thing. But there is certainly no shame in leaning on Someone so much stronger than us. So grateful that Jesus steadies us when we give Him the allowance to do so. I’m so grateful YOU stopped by and joined the conversation today. xo

  6. I think the less we squirm and the more we just fall back into the arms of the Lord, everything will come more into balance. Your words reminded me of our Wii board…every morning when I step on it to do Wii fitness and do the “body test”, it shows how (physically) unbalanced I really am! LOL! I strive to stand perfectly still and not fidget, but it seems I am always too far to the right or the left. When I am, it puts a strain on the other side and causes more effort. I have learned that it takes a whole lot more effort to pull away from God and His perfect plan than it does to just surrender to Him and allow Him to have His way, no matter how difficult that appears to me. Thank you for sharing what God placed upon your heart, Tiffany! It really made me think! :)

    1. I think I’m still learning that Cheryl and often the hard way. Lol. I’m such a Type A person who likes ordered plans, and while I’m keenly aware that God is smarter and His plans are far better, I still try to set out on my very best way. I’m grateful for His grace and that He re-teaches me what I re-forget. And, I’m grateful that as I grow in Him, He shows me that true contentment comes from trusting that even when I don’t like where He puts me, He puts me in the best places. So glad you joined the conversation today and way to go on the Wii fitness! :)

  7. Tiffany, what a beautiful post! Balance is something that feels so elusive. I once had a friend explain balance as standing on one foot and achieving balance. We stretch out our arms and balance ourselves. We can stay that way for a little while, but pretty soon, we’re having to adjust how we stand to stay balanced. That’s how life is too. We may stay balanced for a little while, but we have to adjust to stay in balance.

    I loved your post, my friend, and I loved what you said here: “we can lean into the place that God has us, and rather than fight Him for our way, we can trust His.”

    1. Love that illustration, Jeanne. Balance certainly does take flexibility and a willingness to adjust. And life throws those curve balls, doesn’t it?! I’m doing my best to engage trust day by day and believe that God’s plans for the long term are better than my desires in the short. Thanks for being here, friend. I truly treasure you and it’s always a joy to hear your thoughts. xo

  8. Put the sackcloth away Tiffany! Summer ending is hard for me and my sinuses. It seems every year about this time i am fighting a Summer cold praying it does not morph into something worse. My head pounds as I type this:(
    It has been an adjustment for me to be still,rest and not write at this time but I know it is only temporary and my health is important. There is something comforting about resting in place where God has you. There are seasons for everything. I love your quote: “Lean into the place where God has us, rather than fight Him for our way.” I know that if God is willing the book will get completed in the right time and for the right people to read. I trust His wisdom way more than my own. Pearls of wisdom again Tiffany. Thank you for sharing your heart with us. Have a wonderful week and may God bless you and yours!

    1. Oh, Horace! Summer colds!! Yes, that here too and they’re the worst. I pray for your rest and healing, friend. And I’m praying for the book and in fact, just sent you an email. I’m leaning and trusting right along with you. Big hugs, big guy. 😉

  9. I miss summer so much, too, Tiffany. I’m trying to make peace with it by opening my eyes to the beauty of fall and not worrying about winter. And remembering God has a reason for every season, and there is beauty in each of them when I open my eyes to it. I love how you encourage us – “Or…we can lean into the place that God has us, and rather than fight Him for our way, we can trust His.” Amen. Blessings and hugs to you!

    1. I love fall, but summer more. But you’re so right…there is beauty in every season and I’m going to watch for it, rather than wrestle my way out. Thanks for encouraging me today, Trudy. xo

  10. Tiffany, Oh, this post if often where I have found myself lately. “I wish for more balance, less of the have-to, and more of the love-to in my life.” I’m doing my best to create more time for the love-to, but at times just want to get mad that it does not happen enough or in my time table. Then I have to go back to trusting His timing and His purpose for my now. So, I’m right there with ya! Love your new website!

    1. It’s like a never-ending cycle, right?! I get mad too and often ask God, “why?” And like the good Father than He is, He usually answers, “Because I know best and love you more.” It’s makes me realize that often I need-to get through the have-to to make the love-to what it truly needs to be. But, the fact that I’m not the only one does make me feel better! ;) Thanks for being here, Joelle – so glad you like the new design!

  11. So important this thing called balance. There are times I think I’ve got a handle on it and other times tottering back and forth on the beam is about the picture of my day. Thanks for these encouraging words! (BTW: Love the new look of the blog and new font! Looks good!)

    1. Teeter totter for sure! Those are the days I am practicing giving myself grace. More often than not what I don’t get done waits for me and usually that doesn’t mean the end of the world. ;) So glad you visited, Rachel and so glad you like the new look!

  12. “Balance isn’t achieved by standing still and complaining to God about where He has us, or running ahead and ignoring what He needs us to see, it simply happens one careful choice at a time.”
    Yes, walking faithfully with Him leading me.
    Great post!

  13. yes a mourning is in order but then onward and upward – I thought oswald chambers said that in his biography?? and maybe wonderful liz elliot quoted – either way, I’m trying to live it! next to you at holly barrett’s.

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