When You Need Someone

Can we agree that friendship is hard? It’s complicated and complex and like any other relationship, to be done right, it takes purpose and intention.

And still, some friendships are like a balm, smooth and easy, while others leave us feeling like we walked through a plate glass window, shattered and a giant mess.

If you’ve suffered friendship fallout, it can be enough to send you behind locked doors content to live out your days alone. I know, I’ve tried. But God has given me the no-go on living life like a hermit crab. Did I mention I’ve tried? 

While He’s given me space and time to heal, God’s also nudged me to be the kind of friend I want – to be the someone I need someone to be.

If you crave honesty, be honest. If you need grace, give it. If you want someone to reach out, reach in. If you want to be invested in, invest first. If you want a real friend, be one.

Easy? Nope. 100% money-back guarantee? Hardly. Potential to find someone you enjoy and have heaps in common with? Go on and find out. 💛

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6 thoughts on “When You Need Someone

  1. As an introvert, I struggle to make friendships. I realize the basic formula (be the friend you want some one to be towards you), but I’m often unaware of my needs for friendship because I prefer spending time in my own company (other people can really wear me out ;) ).

    1. Oh, I hear you, Anita. I’m an introvert too and often just the idea of time with others is enough to send me in the opposite direction. But God has been stretching me in this area and nudging me out of my comfort zones.

      Based on your latest post, it sounds like you have a beautiful way of reaching out and investing in other lives. That’s a delightful foundation for friendship. And then, back home to recharge! ;)

  2. I’m so sorry you have experienced friendship fallout, Tiffany. I know it hurts so deeply. As you say, it leaves us shattered and a giant mess. I still have trust issues because of friendship betrayals, and it’s so easy to withdraw into a shell. But God is gracious and patient with me. And isn’t it just so amazing that we have such a Friend in Jesus, one who will never hurt or abandon us? Without Him, I don’t think we could get through it, could we? Blessings and hugs to you!

  3. Some honest truths you share her Tiffany. Something that I have to remind myself constantly. i have a best friend of over 20 years and that is not the case with him. However, i love what you say about be the someone you need someone to be. I have been pleasantly surprised when I reach out to a friend we end up blessing each other! It is not easy most times but be we have to be intentional with our friendships. Like you stated, there is no guarantee but God asks us to love like He loves. The benefits are rewarding and you are blessed when you take the focus off yourself. Something God is teaching daily and I thank Him for doing so. I hope you have a fantastic week and may God continue to richly bless you and yours! Sharing this my friend!

    1. I’m always surprised at those mutual blessings too, though it’s a beautiful reward for our effort. Yes, extending God’s love is so good, and what’s it’s returned, it can be all together beautiful. Thanks for being here, Horace. Your faithful kind words are truly a gift.

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