When You Wonder if the Wounds Will Heal

I know that God is authoring my story, but oh, these last few chapters …

Unexpected hurt, unanswered questions, and the pain of being misunderstood. God said there would be mountains and valleys on this journey and while I’ve often been eager for a detour—some quiet cavern to crawl into and hide—He promised to keep me safe if I would keep traveling forward in faith.

God asks us to believe—even when there is no proof in sight.
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When You Wonder if the Wound Will Heal {www.simplyforone.net}http://wp.me/p2v8DX-E2

I’ll confess there have been days when I’ve felt underwhelmed by His presence. I’ve longed for just a crumb on the path to indicate that God was still at work. How much longer until the past stops revisiting, stealing my breath, and seating me on the sidelines? How much longer until I stop being skittish and trust again?

How much longer until these wounds heal?

I’ve asked God those questions. Not only because there are days when my wounds feel shockingly fresh, but because with startling frequency He brings me others with pain of equal measure. Stirring up my own, I nod in understanding, comfort with empathetic words, and share the fruit that’s fallen from this tree I never asked to be planted by.

While in the quiet of my heart I simply want to bury the past.

There have been steps bolstered by bravery and even mountain top victories, sure signs that He is moving on my behalf. But behind every one is that withdrawing whisper of fear.

What about the wounds, Lord? What about the hurt?

“Don’t you see?” He whispers. “They were designed to make you look more like Me.”

Ours is a God who always has been and forever will remain on our side—gracious, patient, and loving. But He is also a Savior who desires to leave us better than we were found. He is a God of precision, of far-reaching wisdom, and whose purpose, while to us might seem painful, is perfect transformation.

“For though He wounds, He also bandages.
    He strikes, but His hands also heal.”
Job 5:18

The transforming process isn’t easy, or tidy, or pain-free, but God considers us worthy of that deep-seated work, of His exceeding effort to create in us that which He knows we can become; that which He purposed us for.

When You Wonder if the Wounds Will Heal [www.simplyforone.net} http://wp.me/p2v8DX-E2

God takes great care in writing the story our life must tell. {Tweet that!}

God’s precision pruning, His intimate refining, that ought to make us brave, grateful even. While we would be content with a few crumbs to simply signal that He’s at work, God is unsatisfied offering us anything less than His perfect plan.

Our pain may feel wide open or perhaps forever set by scar, but it also can serve as a very present reminder of a Savior who was wounded to offer us redemption, restoration, and hope. We might want to bury the past, but think of what beautiful promise is made ours through resurrection.

Some wounds are not meant to be forgotten.

The question then isn’t, WHEN will the wounds heal, but rather, WHO WILL WE BE when His work is complete? And perhaps the answer isn’t at all complicated, but simply—we’ll be better. 

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When You Wonder if the Wounds Will Heal.

32 thoughts on “When You Wonder if the Wounds Will Heal

  1. Oh Tiffany! I’ve been on the same journey recently. Wondering how long a memory is going to cause pain and why can’t God just take it way!? God has me on a journey of rewiring some old ways of thinking about myself and revealing how much He loves and delights in me, just the way I am. My life is my life and I need to stop comparing. Hurt people hurt people. So many good lessons and I’m trying to take them all in and be more of who He created me to be. I don’t have to walk around hurt and wounded because He has healed and set me free. If only I could stop forgetting.
    Grateful to read your words today.

    1. So many good lessons there, Alecia. I’m still unpacking all God has been showing me about the purpose of pain – but freedom to be who He truly created us to be is certainly woven in the mix. Thanks for stopping by today, friend – and grateful for sojourners like you.

  2. Oh Tiffany, this is such hard, beautiful truth you’ve spilled out here. Especially this: “He is a God of precision, of far-reaching wisdom, and whose purpose, while to us might seem painful, is perfect transformation.” Swallowing back lumps and hugging you from afar, my friend.

    1. I love hugs. Thank you. God is stretching me, I can feel that for sure. He’s been pushing me off the sidelines and telling me its time to step out of the comfort zone, so I’m keeping my eyes fixed on Him and watching for what’s next. Thank you for being here and for your faithful encouragement. xo

  3. Tiffany,
    You’re on point that our stories are all about who we are becoming on the inside and our wounds and hurt places have so much to do with that process. Waiting for time to move us on and lessen the pain is a time I’m embracing and I’m finding it’s not as bad as I thought — I can still survive and maybe even thrive because God shows me more than I would have thought possible. He is making our lives beautiful — wounds and all! xo

    1. Survive and thrive – so great, Valerie. I cannot imagine navigating any of this without God as my sure foundation – my refuge. He truly does change and transform us in ways that we never would have imagined, but can also be so grateful for. Sending you a hug today – so grateful for your beautiful life and story.

  4. Such a strong sentence: “‘Don’t you see?” He whispers. “They were designed to make you look more like Me.”’ I think many, if not all, of us have questioned just as you have, Tiffany. It somewhat stinks, but then again ~ it doesn’t, because it’s that refining process. It’s that sentence you wrote back up there, the strong one at the beginning of this comment. You’re such an encouragement. Keep runnin’ the race in such strong fashion, my friend.

    1. Thank you, dear friend. There have been some straight out stinky moments – that’s for sure. But as I look back at those wounds, I’m beginning to see how God used them to shape and mold me, and more so to move me in the direction He needed me to go. Sometimes pain is the only thing that gets us to leave a place we shouldn’t be. Thank you for your faithful encouragement – I’m a runnin’!! ;)

  5. Tiffany, what beautiful words! I love this, “The question then isn’t, WHEN will the wounds heal, but rather, WHO WILL WE BE when His work is complete?” I so often want to ask when, Lord, when? But the truth is that God is about the process, who we are becoming in this journey we are on- not necessarily about the destination. We know where we are going. Thank you for this encouragement. Such a wonderful reminder.

    1. Amen, Alisa – it is a journey. I too, like to focus on the outcomes when God just wants me to focus on the process and trust the results to Him. Its a beautiful journey we travel with Him and I’m truly grateful that He takes such great care in writing His perfect plan over our lives. Thanks for being here today. Blessings, friend.

  6. Yes! I’ve been reading Romans chapter 5 about God’s purpose being to conform us to the likeness of his son through trials which teach us to persevere and to HOPE. Honestly, sometimes I’ve thought, “No, I’d prefer not to go through this. ” But it never occurred to me to be grateful for God’s care in polishing me. Thanks for these words today. Thanks for sharing your heart here.

    1. I hear you, Betsy. We aren’t typically grateful for pain, are we?! But I’m beginning to see that sometimes pain is the only thing that gets us to change course, to do things differently. I’m grateful that God in His infinite wisdom so carefully balances pain and grace so that in the end, we can be assured that He has used all of it for our good. Thank you for being here, friend. Hugs!

  7. Beautifully stated Tiffany. As someone who struggles to read even the best of books, wading thru the chapters God is writing for our lives can be tough. However, I cannot think of anyone I trust more to write my story. I want to say a prayer for you and your family. I appreciate your honesty that you share here. We must lift up one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. God will give us the strength to come through anything we may face. I pray you have a peaceful week and may God richly bless you and yours!

    1. So spot on Horace – there isn’t ANYONE more trustworthy than God to write our story. I’m so grateful for your prayers – that means the world to me. I 100% agree – we need all the lifting and holding up that we can get. Wishing you a wonderful week as well and sending you a hug today.

  8. “And perhaps the answer isn’t at all complicated, but simply—we’ll be better. ♥”

    Yes, my friend! Purpose in the wounds! Hope for the helpless!

    Thank you for these encouraging words!

    Big Hugs!

  9. “The question then isn’t, WHEN will the wounds heal, but rather, WHO WILL WE BE when His work is complete?” This is it, realy…that God would use what was meant for evil for His good. Don’t believe your whispers friend. You are loved with an everlasting love. <3 <3 <3

  10. Dear Tiffany! I am SO sorry for all you are having to go through. OH, dear friend! Can I ever relate to all you said. The past several years have been the most intense pruning years of our lives, and sometimes, as I look back, I honestly do not know how we made it through. God is absolutely faithful, and He is worthy of our trust. I often tell my little family that when we cannot understand His logic, we must trust His wisdom. That is not easy to do, but, by His grace, we can overcome. I am praying for you, and I trust your pain will lessen and ease soon. Keep encouraged…there is a beginning and an end to every trial in this Christian life. If there is anything I can do, please let me know. I care!

    1. Thank you for you very kind words, Cheryl. Indeed, God is so faithful! The path is not easy, but in hindsight I wouldn’t trade it (maybe alter it??) because He’s done a beautiful work in my life and in refining my faith. So grateful for your testimony of overcoming in Him – that’s beautiful. And so glad you visited today. Big hugs!

  11. Oh Tiffany, I am so sorry for the pain and hurt, but I love how God is and has shown you that He has a plan for you. I love your line – God takes great care in writing the story of our life. That is so good. I am so glad for your visit today and I too am stopping by becasue we are neighbors at #TestimonyTuesday

  12. Thank you so much for your honesty, Tiffany. I’m sorry these last chapters of your story are holding unexpected hurt. I’ve had those same questions. It’s so easy to get discouraged when it feels like the pain will never end. But I have to focus more on the work God accomplishes through it and His promise to complete the work He has begun in us. This line especially gives me hope – “The transforming process isn’t easy, or tidy, or pain-free, but God considers us worthy of that deep-seated work, of His exceeding effort to create in us that which He knows we can become; that which He purposed us for.” May God mold us more and more into His image! Hugs!

    1. That’s such a wise perspective, Trudy – focusing on what God does through the pain. It’s amazing how even those old wounds can often sneak up on us, right? So grateful that while the refining isn’t easy, we have a gracious God at our side. Yes – may He mold us more and more. Blessings, sweet friend. xo

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