When You Want to Hear God’s Voice

I have to confess, I long for simpler times. The days when we invited voices into our life over a cup of coffee, conversation nestled in the living room, and shared meals around inviting tables.

Now, we only need to boot up our computer or reach for our smart phone for voices—for noise—to flood our lives.

My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me.”
    And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.”
Psalm 27:8 NLT

For the past few weeks, I’ve been overwhelmed by noise. Suggestions, ideas, and opinions, while well-intentioned, have crowded out the One Voice I truly need to hear. I’d like to say I answered God’s “come and talk with me” on the first ring, but the reality is that I sent Him to voicemail a few times.

The most beautiful thing about an intimate relationship with a personal savior is that while we forget how much we need Him, He never does. God knows we are lost without His direction.

When You Need to Hear God's Voice (www.simplyforone.net) http://wp.me/p2v8DX-AR

When the noise gets loud and our hearts grow cluttered, it is an all-knowing and all-loving Jesus that writes His “come to me” over us. His handwriting is different in each of our lives, but if you know Him well, you know His voice—and He will speak.

We have an open invitation to conversation with an Almighty God. (←Tweet that.)

While at times, I vow I can actually “hear” Him, God’s voice isn’t as much audible, as it is internal. When I’m defeated, exhausted, and confusion overrides clarity, I know God is telling me to “come.”

We won’t hear God’s voice if we don’t listen.

For the past week, I’ve tuned out the noise and listened. I’ve laid down control and set my heart on submission. Rather than seek order and perfection, I’ve pursued obedience. There have been questions and tears, confession and forgiveness, and I’ve savored every single minute. But I had to fight for those minutes.

There were distractions, interruptions, and to-do lists that tried to steal my time with God. And is it just me, or do telemarketers and UPS men all over the world coordinate their efforts around quiet time?

How do we tune out the noise and listen for the voice of God?

  • Unplug and lean in.

When God writes “come to me” over our heart, we best listen. And to best listen to His voice, we have to shut out all the others. For me, that meant stepping away from social media, putting down my pen in this place, and choosing God’s voice first. We can’t shrug off every responsibility, but we can choose what is most necessary. The world went on spinning, and sure I missed a few things, but I was talking to God, and that was my very best choice.

  • Sometimes there are no words.

When you can’t find the words, or you’re not hearing what your heart seeks, do what you were created for—bow down and worship God. He loves your voice, and He already knows your heart, so simply turn both toward Him. On repeat for me this week were My Revival by Lauren Daigle and an incredible worship song by Tenth Avenue North.

  • If it’s too good to be you.

How do we know it’s God’s voice? Our thoughts are mediocre, His are MUCH higher. When the words and wisdom are just too good to be ours—they’re Gods. When you need to hear from God, start with the word He has breathed. Meditate on a favorite verse, Google “scripture” on a particular topic, or read different translations of the bible. Seek out what your heart needs, then lean in and listen. God will show up when you go looking for Him.

  •  Look for Him around you.

God can and will speak directly to us, but He also speaks through His creation. Maybe it’s the whisper of a spring breeze on your porch, or maybe it’s the words of a dear friend. This week, I sought out sisters I could trust to listen and speak honest truth into my life. God used them to show me His goodness and confirm the path He has set before me.

There are a lot of voices around us. Some are good and profitable, but others need to be shut out. There is no replacement for the voice of God; nothing else will truly satisfy. (←Tweet that.)

It isn’t the method that matters, it’s His voice directed at our heart. God longs to pour His promise and word into our lives, if we will listen. My prayer is to choose His voice over all the others. 

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When You Want to Hear God's Voice. (www.simplyforone.net) http://wp.me/p2v8DX-AR

51 thoughts on “When You Want to Hear God’s Voice

  1. Wow! This was just what I needed to read right now. I have been really overwhelmed lately with the start of school, and working and all. I need to set out more time to reflect and listen to what God is trying to tell me. :)

  2. Tiffany, I soooo appreciate your transparency here, my friend. I, too, have found it too easy to let other voices talk over the Voice I most need to hear. Being intentional about seeking to hear from our Abba is key. And worship–yes! I’m taking your words into my day. Have a worshipful Easter!

    1. Being intentional about seeking Him truly does make a difference and pours into every other part of our lives as well. Wishing you and yours a blessed Easter too, friend. xo

  3. Tiffany, this topic dominated my mind two years ago when God gave me ‘listening’ as the one word to focus on. And it still whispers to me with holy urgency whenever I spend more time listening to the words of the world rather than His. It’s a theme I’ve written about recently and am sure I will return to again and again. Lent and Easter lend themselves to deeper listening because the cross is a megaphone to rouse a deaf world and shake sleepy believers awake. Thank you for this beautiful reminder. The fruit of listening and being obedient is evident in your words. You write in a way that gently convinces and convicts. I sense a Holy Spirit nudge whenever I read them. Bless you, faithful sister! Love your heart and witness here. Xox <3

    1. This: “the cross is a megaphone to rouse a deaf world and shake sleepy believers awake.” So good, Joy. Amen! The cross truly does stir us to stand in awe of Gods incredible gift and to lean in and listen for His instruction. There is no time to be a sleepy believer! Thanks for joining the conversation with your rich insight.

  4. Oh, you have some good stuff here, Tiffany. So true about all the noise in our world! And I love your wisdom about leaning in and tuning in to hear God’s voice. So encouraging. Especially this: “When you need to hear from God, start with the word He has breathed. Meditate on a favorite verse, Google “scripture” on a particular topic, or read different translations of the bible. Seek out what your heart needs, then lean in and listen.”

  5. There is no replacement for the voice of God; nothing else will truly satisfy. I love that Tiffany. All we desire is God’s opinion, his direction, his thoughts because they are perfect.

  6. Have you been peeking in my life? :) You’re speaking right to my heart, friend. I’m so grateful for your words and practical encouragement. I always love seeing you at #ThreeWordWednesday.

    1. Why yes, yes I have. ;) I think it’s the season and the Holy Spirit. He wants us close at hand and listening for His voice. Now…if he’d just let us listen in the same place!! Thanks for hosting us, friend. Hugs.

  7. I’m visiting today from Coffee for Your Heart and I was so encouraged by your post today! Sometimes it is so tough to quiet the noise and be still and listen. Thanks for sharing these ideas!

  8. “Sometimes there are no words…He loves your voice, and already knows your heart, so turn both to Him.” is so true of what I’ve been feeling lately! Thank you for expressing beautiful words from your heart! I’m visiting from TheFaithBarista; thank you for visiting my site today also! Oh, and I loved your porch image too!! What a cheerful photo!

    1. Thank you, Bettie! I’m loving that folks are loving the porch image, because I wasn’t sure about that one. Yay, God! So glad you found words that met your heart here. Blessings!

  9. Love, love, love this! I’ve been amazed lately at how much more I’ve been hearing Him but I know it’s because I’ve been more intentional than ever about STOPPING and LISTENING. It’s sad to think about how long I “sent him to voicemail” instead of taking the call but I’m so glad I’m letting other things take a back seat now so I can really listen to His voice.

    I’m visiting from Three Word Wednesday!

    1. You know, Katie…the beautiful thing about being intentional to listen for God is that He’s encouraged me to be intentional about other things as well. It’s amazing the way His abundant encouragement flows from His abundant word!! Thanks for visiting today. Blessings!

  10. Great post! It is so noisy and there are so many other voices competing for our attention that make it hard to step aside and listen to God sometimes but it is so important to do. I echo your words: “My prayer is to choose His voice over all the others.”

  11. Tiffany,
    I love the porch image you created! Your words hold so much truth that the more we crave God’s voice speaking in our lives, the quieter and slower we may have to be to tune in, focus and meditate on him. Like you, I love Lauren Daigle — her music is so worshipful and full of truth! Happy Easter to you, friend!

    1. I love that you love that image because I wasn’t all that crazy about it to start. ;) Craving God’s voice sums it up so perfectly, Valerie. He is truly the only one who can satisfy that deep soul craving, and He is worthy of a captive audience. Happy Easter to you as well, friend. He is risen!!

  12. “If it’s too good to be you.” Yes … definitely this, Tiffany! I treasure those moments when God’s truth cuts through the clutter in my foggy brain and the answer to some problem or puzzle I’ve been mulling over becomes clear. I hope your hearing Him clearly this Easter week, my friend!

    1. Yes, Lois! I can use every bit of clutter cutting truth I can get. So glad that we have His word at our ready and His Spirit so very near. Blessing to you as we celebrate our risen Savior!

  13. I like that you included obedience in your thoughts about hearing from God. its such an overlooked essential. Jesus made that clear in John 14:21… Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and SHOW MYSELF to them.”

    1. Absolutely, Karen – hearing His voice is one thing, but obeying is truly the key to a heart set on God. Oh for a heart to worship and obey all that He shows us. Thanks for visiting today.

  14. Always blessed to read your thoughts Tiffany! I am realizing every day the importance of prioritizing my time with God. I have even been able to mute my phone too…progress! Seriously…I love my time with Him. When I hear from God whether it be for direction I’m seeking or a future blog post; I feel blessed because like you said, I know it’s Him! Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful week and a blessed Easter weekend!

    1. Muting everything is so tough, right? We are connected on all sides. But yes, there is no higher priority than our time with God. I can sometimes forget that in the hustle of everyday business and I’m so, so grateful that God always receives with open arms and speaks His truth into my life. Easter blessings to you as well, Horace. Thanks for being here.

  15. It is always good to know that we can come back to that sacred secret place of belonging to Him, of being found by Him, of being sought by Him. He does seek us; He is faithful. And that humbles me deeply. I love the brave you are wearing as you step into the intimacy of His love and out of the wide see of distraction. Your words are a much appreciated dose of inspiration.
    Blessings and Happy Easter!

    1. Sacred spaces – yes and amen. It humbles me too, Dawn, to know that God seeks me out and longs to meet with me. It’s a joy to be received by Him and to hear His tender voice. Happy Easter to you too! Blessings, friend.

  16. I love this, Tiffany. So easily we can get wrapped up in busyness, not only physically but in those lies that make chaos in our minds. Yet Jesus keeps gently calling us. This is so true – “There is no replacement for the voice of God; nothing else will truly satisfy.” Amen. Have a blessed week and a joy-filled Easter! Hugs!

    1. That busyness can be so barren, can’t it Trudy. And those lies – oh boy! So glad for His gentle call and His satisfying word. Easter blessings to you as well. He is risen!!

  17. Choosing his voice over all the others isn’t always easy. :( I recently went to a weekend retreat of silence and it was fabulous! It’s not something I can indulge in on a regular basis. ha. But it is a reminder that even in the noise of the world, I can still take time to silence and my soul and tune more into God. Thanks for this reminder!

    1. Oh, Lisa – a retreat of silence? I’d love to hear more about that. Right…probably wouldn’t be sustainable in real life, but I know I’ve really come to appreciate and pursue quiet moments. Tuning more into God’s voice is a practice I never regret. Thanks for visiting today.

  18. Longing to hear God’s voice as well…We could all benefit from some simpler times I think! Loved this –> If it’s too good to be you… must be God! ♥ Been finding long afternoon prayer walks have helped me hone in a lot more on his voice. Praying your heart and mind are settled today to hear Him speaking ♥

  19. Making space for His voice is what brings us LIFE. I’ve begun writing down those inner whispers, that are impressed upon my heart, in my prayer journal with dates. Sometimes I wrestle with whether it’s God’s voice or mine later. I love how you shared, “we know it’s his voice if it’s too good to be you”. Thank you for sharing your heart again.

    1. I love that, Joelle. I have a running note on my iPad where I keep my “Holy Spirit whispers” too. Because if I don’t write them down, I often forget how beautiful they are. God is so good to take me back to many of those verses over and over again. Yes – His voice, His word is life! Thank YOU for visiting.

  20. Oh Tiff, I’ve been feeling much the same way lately (as we discussed ;-) ). I’ve been going through Wendy Blight’s I Know His Name study and really digging in. It’s been SO timely and needed, and I’m thankful I don’t need to do anything but BE for him to love me. Love and hugs.

    1. He’s the perfect place to just “be”, isn’t He? And I love that when we take the time to dig in – to sit and be still before Him – He is always faithful to make Himself known. So grateful for our discussions and for the safe place I have in you. xoxo

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