It Is For Freedom

I heard the story of a man who, after thirty-five years in prison, was finally released. For decades his every move had been bound by law, and finally he was free to explore life. But after thirty-five years of rigid routine and structure, he struggled to adjust to this new found freedom. In desperation, craving the familiar confines of his former limitations, he robbed a local mini-mart. When police arrived, he surrendered to them and shortly thereafter was returned to prison.

He willingly gave up his freedom to return to what he once knew. Unbelievable.

And then it occurred to me: I do the same thing every day.

As a believer, my freedom has been purchased with great cost, my ransom paid in full. I’ve been redeemed from the bondage of sin by the blood of Christ. But my shackles are never further than my own back pocket.

And all too often, I pull them out, slip them on, and chain myself to burdens that aren’t mine to bear. 

I’m so glad to be guest posting this week in Abby McDonald’s series: 31 Days to Life Unstuck. Please follow me over to Abby’s place to finish reading what God has shown me about those shackles I too often wear, and the sweetness of finding true freedom in Christ. 

life unstuck intro

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10 thoughts on “It Is For Freedom

  1. My shackles are never farther away than my back pocket…ouch and yet so true to remember. So often we are the ones putting them back into our life because they are known but not what is best.

  2. Hi Tiffany! For some reason I can’t get the links to work to read the rest of your story. Working with the formerly incarcerated in the past, I witnessed exactly what you wrote of. Unbelievable to us, but very real for some. And yet we can find ourselves doing that same thing… the things you referred to. Thanks for this friend! I appreciate you and your words.

    1. Sorry about that, Julie. We had a little snafu, but the links should be up and running now. And yes…we do get caught in those patterns and allow ourselves to be bound up by what Christ has already redeemed. Thanks for being here, friend.

  3. This was an awesome post! I have seen similar things happen. Criminals who feel they have nothing to lose because they are as comfortable (or more) in the pen as out if it.

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