Our Soft Place to Land

I have faith. Often more than I realize.
God’s word is truth and I believe Him for it.
Jesus is my Savior and I’m exceedingly grateful for the promise of heaven.
I have health, and blessings, and provision far greater than I deserve.

But some days, gladness and gratitude elude me. The Light seems far off and darkness casts a shadow. It’s a funky type of exhaustion that settles into my bones and leaves me wordless and a bit withered. And rather than choose the better part, or even think on the pure and lovely, I just want to find a soft place to lay my head down.

Not to pray, or seek, but simply rest in what I know.

There was a time in my life when this place would be one of condemnation, of whispers of faithlessness. But God has shown me that it is something far more delicate, sweet even.

It’s a sustaining faith that meets me in these moments. It isn’t broken or weak, as some might call it. And although it’s not after knowledge or growth, this brand of faith is as alive and vital as the kind that pursues. It’s pure and unadulterated. It’s a faith that wraps me in grace, holds me close, and gives me permission to simply be what I am…His.

This faith beckons me to crawl up into my Father’s lap, nuzzle my face in His neck, and relent the sigh of a heavy day. It doesn’t ask questions or wrestle over answers, but simply rests in the presence of One that is stronger and safer than the world outside His arms.

{Soft Place to Land} www.simplyforone.net

In our picked-up pace and passing time, we’ve forgotten about faith that rests.

We’ve convinced ourselves that “right” faith ought to drive us deeper, or call us higher, or work itself out. We wonder if there is a word we’re not hearing, or a message that we’re missing, and we forego the beauty of simply being still with the One who longs to be known by us.

“Oh God, you are my God…my soul thirsts for You.”
Psalm 63:1

Weariness isn’t a mood disorder. It’s a soul longing.

It’s our heart pointed toward its resting place; its Creator. It’s our mind turning off the ought-to and the must-do and simply finding itself captive before its Maker. It’s our soul longing for the One that can truly satisfy. It’s not faith that’s less than it’s supposed to be, it’s faith that points us to exactly what we need.

When we have nothing else to bring, we can go to the One that welcomes us empty. Our safe corner, our sweet spot, our soft place to land is Jesus. (<===Tweet That!)

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22 thoughts on “Our Soft Place to Land

  1. This was a vitamin of hope here, ” Weariness is not a mood disorder. It is a soul longing.” Yep, I needed to ingest that great strong faith seed today. Thank you, Tiffany. This time of year tends to pull the thread of that blanket of grace we should cover and allow to warm and refresh, but it doesn’t always happen and then in stead of running for the safety of its sheltering promise, we push ourselves, condemn our weakness, and miss the invitation to come rest.
    Rest is a necessary tool in the preparation, isn’t it. So, good to rest with your words and His Truths today.
    Thank you!

    1. You have captured it so beautifully, Dawn. Weariness can be a broken cycle of condemnation and guilt, rather than lead us to the balm of grace…yes! I’m still learning to listen to that soul longing over the guilt, but I know for certain that finding rest in Him yields the far better outcome. So blessed you joined the conversation today. Hugs.

  2. I love this post because it speaks to me so much. I used to feel that weariness and it was depression seeping in and through and I just wanted to escape into my hole and now I still feel weary and tired and all of that but my faith steps in and allows for me to simply be at peace with God and with myself because of Him. Thank you for the reminder of where I was and where He has brought me!

    1. Fantastic, Marisa! It’s true, the weariness unchecked can really escalate into other issues, which are very real. But so often, we feel dysfunctional simply because we are worn out. We don’t give ourselves permission to rest. Jesus gives us an open invitation to find rest and refuge in Him…to find the peace we need the refresh our weary souls. Thanks for joining the conversation today!

  3. A friend asked me today how slowing down with a newborn had been. I mean, some things with a third child just keep going because there are other people who have school and soccer, but there also is this 7-pound reason to slow down and savor the moment. It’s amazing such a tiny person can cause such a big change. And I mean that in a good way. Anyway, I told my friend slowing down had been good. And I really meant it. :) This post really resonated with me embracing the slower pace. Thanks for always encouraging well with truth. xoxo

    1. That’s so sweet, Kristin. Your 7 pounds of beautiful girl is the perfect reason to slow down. And because you’ve done it before, you know how quickly time passes. If we don’t savor the moments we’re lucky to remember them, right?! Love watching you capture them with your sweet family. And…thanks for being here because it reminded me to link up at #threewordwednesday. Apparently I’m forgetting a few moments already! 😋

  4. I can relate to that “funky type of exhaustion!” Great words for me this time of year. You are absolutely right about weariness being a soul longing. We all need to rest in Jesus! Visiting from #TellHisStory.

  5. Your words bless me today, Tiffany. Yes, I know that place well. And like you said, I am so thankful I’ve learned to embrace that place as my special time to be still in His presence. “Weariness is a soul longing.” How beautifully put!

  6. Love, love, love these words! They are a soothing balm for my soul. Thanks, friend for sharing your heart with us. xo

  7. Oh, this is so good, and it reminds me of the old saying that for Christians, everything comes down to a spiritual problem. So thankful to have the comfort and joy of a safe landing!

  8. It’s been a rough day filled with grumpy, whining, disruptive students (they hate change and vacation is coming up on Thursday). I need to do a little crawling into my Savior’s lap (metaphorically, of course, although curling up in the corner sounds good right about now ;) ).

    1. Ack…I know what those days look like! 😐 Maybe a snack, nap, and some time just resting in Him is just the prescription you need. I’m sure that vacation won’t hurt either. Take care, friend.

  9. Tiffany,
    What a wonderful post. So often it feels like I have to search for deeper faith. I love your message about resting and being still and just “being”. Thank you.#Rara

  10. Tifanny, I love this post. Last night after a LONG day home schooling my dyslexic teen, who was having a bad day, making dinner, and then going grocery shopping, I was still in the car coming home at 9:00 p.m. Somehow God gave me grace to rest in Him and thank him for strength. (Normally I would have been whining.) I had a soft place to land right there in the car. :-)

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