We Are Your Family {Real Conversations Series Finale}

Real Conversations

It was a crisp spring day and my cares should have been few, but I was wringing my hands. There was a sinking sensation in my stomach that left me restless and uncertain. I was wrestling with a longing I couldn’t contain, a craving I couldn’t identify.

I wanted more—and I wanted it from God.

He was calling me to action, but I couldn’t pinpoint the direction He wanted me to go. So I prayed a “show me” prayer. I asked God to give me the next step and I promised that whatever it was, I would do it. So long as it didn’t involve the depths of the jungle or a trek across the desert.

Sometimes God’s answers spill into our lives slow and steady.

But this answer came like a flood, a river of purpose and direction that poured over me and left me breathless. In order to honor that show-me-prayer and put feet to the I’ll-do-anything-promise, I dove into the work that God set before me.

Real Conversations with Women of God was born. Like a baby that I birthed and cared for, it was my very own gift from God. And I loved it from the minute He pressed it into my chest. I poured myself into this labor of the heart and invited others to join me on the journey.

And then God brought a detour. 

I had many visions of start to finish and none of them included the roadblock that was set before me. The flood of answered prayer that first set me in motion wound into a steady rhythm of grace that grounded my feet. My hands unclenched and I let the dream go.

God redirects our path with wisdom outside our finite view, but entirely within His eternal perspective. (<===Tweet that)

Seasons change. God gives and He takes away. Some doors close.

But every blessing withheld comes with a promise of restoration.

Time passed and wounds healed. And when I least expected, God delivered a dream renewed. The package wasn’t the same, the purpose felt entirely re-written, and the reach wouldn’t be what I’d originally intended.

God handed me a new dream, mine for the taking.

We Are Your Family1

The heart behind the call to “Real Conversation” remained steady and true … that we, as sisters in Christ, must journey together on this path of faith. With authenticity and transparency, we link arms and cheer each other on.

We rally in weakness and we comfort in need.

We pursue real faith—no pretense, no perfection, no pedestals to stand on.

Willing admitting our flaws, we stand united before a God of grace.

We recognize that it is only by His abiding strength that we endure. Together, we press on and when one of us is lagging behind, we go back for them. No one is left behind.

Because there simply isn’t time for any brand of faith that makes people scale walls and climb obstacles. Jesus is coming and His heart is that doors are swung wide and lives are transformed. And if we, dear family, are not the ones to welcome all in, who will?

If we are looking down instead of pointing up, what answer will we give our Savior of grace when we soon stand before Him?

God has brought sweet friends beside me, sojourners in faith, who have willingly poured themselves out and laid themselves bare. Embracing the heart behind my dream, they have brought glory to His name. Their heart is for you to know Gods.

You are precious. You are chosen. You are His.

Come to the table. Receive His grace. Enter into His Kingdom and know real love. (<===Tweet that)

We must journey together. There is no time to waste.

Slip your arm through ours and know that this place is a safe place. There is nothing to balance, no hoops to jump through, simply sit and drink in the goodness of God. And if you’ve never tasted it before, now is the time. Bow you heart, humble your pride, and believe in the God who wipes slates clean, mends broken hearts, and binds the wounded soul.

This is your place. Now is your time. He is your God and we are your family.

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36 thoughts on “We Are Your Family {Real Conversations Series Finale}

  1. Beautiful. I think everyone above me in the comments used that same word, but that is the one that I had to use, because it’s what I was wanting to write even before I saw any other comments. :) I love your heart, Tiffany. God is so amazing. His plans and purposes are beyond our complete understanding, and many times he does work things out differently than we imagined. He knows SO much better than I do, and I remind myself of this often. He sees the end from the beginning, and He is always faithful. Keep up the good work, sister!

    1. Thank you, sweet Tasha. I wholeheartedly agree…God knows SO much better and I’m beyond blessed that His plans unfold in ways that, while I may not understand at the time, are so much better than my small imagination. Always so blessed by your visits and encouragement. Thanks for joining the conversation. xo

  2. Wow that was amazing – I relate to so many of your thoughts but particularly how He takes us such very different places to what we think when we begin. So much better – more than we hope or imagine. A beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you.

  3. Those detours can be scary but always good when God’s leading. So grateful I’ve trusted him on some because the journeys have been lovely. I don’t know why I hesitate sometimes. As always, your words encourage well. xoxo

  4. Life’s journey is easier when we travel with God and those He has put on our paths.
    I enjoyed your reflections and real conversation.
    Hugs Tiffany.
    Many Blessings to you

  5. Just beautiful, Tiffany. I love the image that we walk this road together, encouraging each other and being real. And most importantly, pointing each other to Jesus when our eyes slip onto circumstances rather than the One who is above circumstances.

    1. I’m grateful that we can walk together, Jeanne. Someday I hope it happens in real life. :) We certainly weren’t made to travel alone and it’s a special gift to have those alongside that point us back to Jesus. Blessings, friend. Looking forward to being with you next week!

  6. You are a gem and your words a testament to the storehouse of truth you treasure within. And I just love these words: “God redirects our path with wisdom outside our finite view, but entirely within His eternal perspective.” I’d like to frame those words!!

    Thank-you for inviting me, Tiffany, to this beautiful series God birthed in your heart…[Prov.13:19] “A desire accomplished is sweet to the soul.”

    1. You are dear to me, Jess. In a moment when I’m feeling a bit pressed under, your words remind me that there is victory in that eternal perspective. Thank you for coming alongside me as a friend and sister in Christ. Love you!

  7. Yes, Tiffany, we journey together! I so love the image of linking arms and going back for those who fall. We all need each other as we move forward into what He calls us to do. May He bless you richly!

    1. I love that picture too, Gayl. It’s a great picture of the church, isn’t it? Open arms, welcoming in, and offering a safe haven for the heart in need. Thanks for visiting today. Praying those same rich blessings for you.

  8. Oh my goodness, I can relate to having dreams change. When I think I’m on a path for God and a detour or stumbling block comes up, it makes me question if I even understood Him right in the first place. Your insight speaks comfort to this doubt. Thank you!

    1. So glad you found some comfort here, Jenni. I have asked myself if I heard God right from the start. But it’s so evident in hindsight that I had to take the detour to get to the final destination. He needed to stretch me away from where I thought I needed to be so He could get me to where He wanted me to go. And I’m so grateful He did because there has been so much grace and goodness along the way. So blessed you visited today.

  9. NOW. I believe I said that in my post today! :) “Come to the Table” oh yes, come and dine at His table and be filled with living water and the bread of life which will satisfy forever! I wanted to visit you today from TWW, I’m #11. Thanks for your encouragement this week. xo

  10. God surprises us sometimes doesn’t he?!? And I love this friend: ” This is your place. Now is your time. He is your God and we are your family.”

  11. Wow I found your link on Intentional Tuesday. thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It is obvious to me that you have a heart for God and He is going to use you in marvelous ways. Bigger than you can even imagine! I love your writing style also.. I can feel Christ in you jumping off the page! Thank you again for sharing. May God bless you in all your endeavors!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I’m so grateful to be on the receiving end of God’s plans…they are so much better than mine. :) So glad you stopped by and took the time to comment. Blessings!

  12. Tiffany, I am so grateful you continued to seek God even during that season of uncertainty and discouragement. You are such a blessing to me and so many others, and I am honored to walk alongside you as we share our real selves so others may have hope. Keep pressing on, friend. Love you and your heart. xoxo

    1. Thank you, Abby! The fact that the “detour” led me to such beautiful sisters in Christ is just more proof of God’s very good plans. Blessed by your faithful encouragement, dear friend. Hugs!

  13. You ask such a good question. My fall-back mode is looking down on others and comparing them to me in order to feel better about myself. I’ve learned to keep my comparisons (mostly) to myself. But I’ve recently realized that they do just as much harm unspoken as spoken.

    1. Those comparisons are a doozy, aren’t they Anita?! We get caught in a difficult place that damages us and others. I’m grateful for grace and a God that faithfully teaches us these valuable lessons. Thanks for joining the conversation today.

  14. This is lovely, Tiffany. Yours is great example of waiting patiently for God and being flexible when the actual call is a bit different from the original vision! Blessings to you today …

  15. Thank you for your faithfulness, even in the unknown, Tiffany. It’s that very thing that God is, can and will use so beautifully for His glory through you and this safe, inviting place you are creating here. I’m so glad I was able to be a part of this first chapter of inviting other women to come together in our brokenness and beauty in Him and I can’t wait to see how God weaves the next chapters in and through your life. Love you so. xo

    1. I’m so grateful for our God and that He brought us together. He does beautiful things in the deep unknown, doesn’t He?! I’m watching Him along with you for the next chapter. xo

  16. I love your heart and how God is using you though Real Conversations with women. Thank you for seeking Him and obeying – even in the midst of obstacles. I love this: “Because there simply isn’t time for any brand of faith that makes people scale walls and climb obstacles. Jesus is coming …” Amen! May God continue to provide and bless –

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