When a Closing Door Leads to Grace {Real Conversations Series}

One of the best parts about this adventure in blogging is the special friends you meet along the way. I was drawn into Jennifer Frisbie’s world by her honest words and authentic spirit. Having both been bitten by the “overachiever bug”, her steps of faith so frequently encourage my own. Jennifer is at a stage in her life where she is embracing change with both hands and choosing to lay hold of God’s plans for her. It’s from this place that my friend shares with us this week. Join Jennifer at the table (where she’d surely sip tea with you) and enjoy some Real Conversation … 

Real Conversations

Every summer my mind unwinds to a time when running barefoot didn’t hurt my feet. I would play outside till the streetlights came on and check in with Mom to see if I could stay out a bit longer. She’d give a somewhat reluctant nod and I’d take off down the street again before she could change her mind.

Life was simpler then. Slower, I tend to think.

Eventually though, responsibility seemed to run up behind me, flashing me a smile long enough to imply I was a big girl living in a grown up world. Yet responsibility never stopped. It ran on ahead, daring me to keep up.

And I tried. Oh, how those bare feet strived to swing the pace of my youth as I chased all those responsibilities down. I foolishly thought I had to do it all, but my stamina just wouldn’t keep up.

Eventually though, the pace had to slow. It was in the two years following the birth of my fourth child that I cried out to God, asking for Him to rescue me from the run.

And He heard me.

He sent encouraging voices to speak words to my heart, giving me the courage to listen closely to His response. I was afraid, but I had to trust. It was then that I could discern His message.

He told me He was closing a door.

I think I’d known for a while because I saw the evidence, but I tend to ignore change. My solution would have been more time in a day…not leaving behind my career.

Yet, He confirmed and I obeyed.

I didn’t LOVE this confirmation from Him. Not at first. I was tied to this career and this way of life. The lifestyle was something I’d EARNEDWasn’t it? It was time for a humility check.

My husband needed more of me. My children needed more of me. 

I needed more of me.

And so did God. So He offered me something amazing…


So often I get wrapped up in the “salvation” side of grace. I hesitate to grab hold of that which is offered up to me on a daily basis. That same grace that’s outside the realm of being saved.

But this time I took it. I held fast to this gift and submitted my resignation that ended a sixteen-year career.

I was coming home.

Jennifer - graphic

And I won’t lie—it felt a bit like I was buying a one-way ticket to “I hope this works out” as opposed to destination “He’s got this!” I’ll be the first to say I’ve been no less responsible since I obediently walked through that closing door.

I’ve asked God to set my priorities each day and He’s delivered.

I ask Him for opportunities to do Kingdom work and He delivers that too.

Right on top of the most important work of this season … raising the littles.

So I learn to push aside some tasks that normally couldn’t wait; I now leave them alone. I’m confident that God’s going to give me time to get it done.

Or He won’t.

My old boss used to say, “We aren’t saving lives, here. Your family comes first.” And now that I’ve made this my number one priority—this full-time mommy gig with a strong emphasis in helping to manage our self-employed business—I get it. am saving lives—their lives, their youth.

We’re letting breakfast last as long as it needs to instead of rushing out the door for me to get to work.

We’re spending more days at the pool than I ever spent before.

We’re making muffins on a whim and eating dessert first (not often!) and watching a favorite movie when the rain pours down outside.

And while I might not be chasing old friends down the street in my bare feet, I’ve walked in the grass with my toes tingling against every blade. I’ve stroked the back of more toads than I can count due to the coaxing of my eight year old.

So here I sit on this side of grace telling you that whatever He’s asking you to do is worth it.

When it’s His plan, it might not always be easy … but it will never be wrong. (<—Tweet that)

Chat with Jennifer: So often our desire to keep things status quo steers us from the path Jesus chooses for us. It’s the path we can’t seem to envision because we just can’t see it from that comfortably familiar spot in life. Do you recall a time when God handed you grace and you didn’t like what you were seeing, but accepted it anyway?

I’d love to know about your “this side of grace” moment. Join Jennifer in the comments below.

JFrisbie Bio ProfileJennifer is a loyal friend who loves road tripping, deep conversation, and the sharing of good food. Wife to her high school sweetheart and mom to four adorable kids, Jennifer recently said goodbye to her career of sixteen years to embrace the home. She devours The Word, loves spending time with her family and friends, and enjoys sharing words over at This Side of Grace, her own little space on the web. If you want to get on her good side, pour her a cup of tea and chat for a while.

Catch up with Jennifer on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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38 thoughts on “When a Closing Door Leads to Grace {Real Conversations Series}

  1. Cheers to you for following through, despite the fear! I began to stay home after my second was born and just this week started a new part time job. Change is hard and scary, but God is so faithful to bring us through!

    1. God is so faithful to carry us through…even in the moments when we think we walk alone. Wishing you His best in your new transition, Sarah. I know He’ll give you courage for the hard and scary. Thanks for joining the conversation. :)

  2. Sometimes I hesitate to go through a door God has opened because I can’t see the entire picture. I’m guilty of wanting to know how the story is going to end before I take a step forward. Guess that doesn’t leave much room for faith, does it? Thank you for following God’s lead and sharing about it.

    1. Alecia, I know that looking-ahead-stance so well and often long for a glimpse or guarantee that all will be well. But yeah, we walk by faith, not sight, right?! Holding fast to God with you and exercising the faith that believes that He sees all and He is good. Thanks for joining the conversation.

  3. I enjoyed your story! Mine is similar, except my breaking point came with only two kids and 9 years into my career. :) I love being home with them now. There is no where else I’d rather be.

  4. Two of my favorite people on one blog. ;-) Jennifer, your words are so true. When we follow God and do what He asks, we have no idea how good it is! It is good to be obedient to Him. Let us continue to follow the path of believing God more than what this world tells us matters. Thank you for your beautiful encouragent to trust God.

  5. Oh, I’m so glad to “meet” you through Tiffany, Jennifer! We share similar stories and the same amazing grace. <3 I also quit my corporate “real” job for my stay-at-home “dream” job. And every day isn’t easy or even a dream, but I know I finally made the right choice, because God is blessing it every single day. You have encouraged me through your words today and I’m taking away this reminder that I so needed to remember, “When it’s His plan, it might not always be easy … but it will never be wrong.” Amen. Blessings on your journey!

    1. Hard work is often the work most worth doing. Being mama’s day in and day out truly is Kingdom work – the fruit far more reaching than any of us realize. So grateful for both of you sisters! xo

  6. Thank you Jennifer for these words today. Saying “yes” to God when it means slowing down to honor Him seems to contradict what the world calls us to do. I have learned though that it is always the right decision and it is always good because God is leading, not us. Blessed to be your neighbor at #TellHisStory today.

  7. Do you hear the applaud? It’s me, cheering you on, Jennifer. You and I have traveled the same road, leaving the career behind. My teen will be graduating soon, with two more soon behind, and I praise God for the opportunity to stay home with him. Those “toad” moments you mentioned are unbeatable…the God moments even more so. Love your honesty and encouragement to seek God above all else. And Tiffany, thank you for sharing your space with Jennifer’s lovely words.

    1. Thank you so much for your applause, Kristi. Some days are harder than others but I never doubt this direction. I am so grateful to Him for rescuing me in His own way…rather than just adding hours to my day.

  8. I’ve had a similar but different experience (if that makes sense at all, lol). I thought God called me to quit my job, but it was evident that my family need the income and the insurance. It’s amazing how God speaks to us differently in our own situations. I’ve been blessed by this. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thank you for sharing your story, as well. It hasn’t been easy – as my husband is in construction my job carried out insurance so that was a huge step for me. There has been A LOT of trust involved in this journey but I am glad that I stepped out.

  9. Jennifer, this is a beautiful post. God has a way of always leading us in the right direction. At the time, it can be so hard to trust, but God knows what God is doing. God’s grace is indeed sufficient.

  10. Beautiful Jennifer. Thank you for following His lead even when it’s not easy. You inspire me. God has asked me to do something I don’t want to do and your words are helping me have courage to obey! Glad to be neighbors at Testimony Tuesday.

  11. I had many of the same feelings when I quit my job when Cate was 4 months old. Unbelievably, that was almost 8 years ago. It’s been harder than that job in the newsroom ever was, but I haven’t regretted it once. So grateful you’re experiencing God’s grace and encouraging others in the process.

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