Summer Luvin’ {FMF: Ten}

I may have groveled for the FMF prompt this week. After two weeks away from this beautiful community, I was jonesing for some word magic. And when our lovely hostess, Kate, delivered the word “TEN”, I thought – eek, be careful what you ask for. I suspect she knew she’d get this groups creative juices flowing and that in the end, as we always are, we’d be inspired and well, have some fun. So, sweet Kate – I’m taking the fun route with my take on: TEN.

Summer Luvin’: TEN Things About Summer That Make Me Smile

1.  Togetherness: Two teachers and one student means my family gets the ENTIRE summer off…together.

2.  No Alarm Clocks:  No rising before the sun. Instead, we check the clock, give a good stretch, and fall right back to sleep. Unless your mind wakes up the minute your eyes do – in which case you jump to #3.

3.  Mornings on the Patio: With no rush to get out of the house, I can linger in God’s word, watch the hummingbirds drink of the homemade, dye-free nectar my hubby made them, and enjoy the quiet stillness of the day.

4. Sweet Tea: This one needs no further explanation, right?

5. Time: It slows in the summer. When paired with the delectable feeling of no have-to’s and to-do’s, I’m quite thrilled to have her on my side for a few months.

Summer Luvin'1

6.  Ocean Waves: I don’t like the sand, and my nearly 40 year-old skin isn’t crazy about the sun, but a beach chair, umbrella, and the crashing deep blue, is good for the soul.

7.  Ice Cream at Midnight: Because of #1 and #2, the hubby and I get to stay up late, watch movies, catch up on the DVR, and with each other. And if you just so happen to want dessert at the dawn of the new day, have at it!

8.  Buns & Headbands: No blow-dryer, no curling iron, just a messy bun and a headband.

9.  No Lunches: I still make it, but for some reason it feels so much better than doing it the night before and packing it in a box for school. Go figure?!

10. Sundays: Because well, when you have the summer off, the threat of a looming Monday looses its sting, and church day is just that much sweeter.

This post is a link-up to the Five-Minute Friday community. An inspired and beautiful group of gifted writers who pour their heart on the page over one word prompt. Come join the Friday free-write festivities or the early bird joy on Thursdays on Twitter @ #fmfparty. For details, please visit our gracious hostess, Kate Motaung.

28 thoughts on “Summer Luvin’ {FMF: Ten}

  1. I loved this post! Summer is such a sweet time. :) Not as laid back over here (I still have to wrangle the toddler out of the toilet water every now and then), but just as sweet. Blessings!

  2. Ohhh. I didn’t know that you and hubs were both teachers. that’s cool to have the same time off together…what a blessing
    And while I’m a Northerner I’ve hot to say a hearty AMEN to the sweet tea cause that’s just beauty.
    Thank you for sharing done of your summer blessings.
    ps I have a similar relationship with the beach. I like the idea and love the water but the hot, sun burn and lots of people sometimes deter me

    1. Sweet tea seems to have quite a few fans. :) Yes, it’s really fun to be off together in the summer. It’s a change of pace I find myself counting down too right about Thanksgiving. ;) Thanks for visiting, Janel.

  3. You make me want to change professions. :) Summer has never been my favorite season (icky heat makes me feel bummed out) so your list is, for me, a good poke in the brain to look for the good stuff during the not-so-favorite times.

    1. The summer off is a nice perk, so long as you don’t mind the 9 months with teenagers that precede it. ;) The heat in CA is a doozy too, but that’s where the sweet tea and ice cream come in. Thanks for stopping by, friend. Hugs!

  4. Love your list. I’m not an ocean or sand kinda girl either, but I do love sitting on the patio at the condo just watching and listening to the magnificence of the ocean. Enjoy your summer!!

  5. Oh, I just love this! I am right there with you friend! I love the summer, the relaxing and all catching up with the ones I love are beautiful things! So happy I stopped by… as always! Love you friend! (Did you catch the Twitter party last night? I have been missing out with traveling and spending time with family I have been missing it! I hope to catch up soon!) Have a great Friday!

    1. Hey friend! I did catch the Twitter party, for the first time in a few weeks. Fun as always. We were all stumped on TEN but I think we girls did it proud. :) Love you too…enjoy your summer days.

  6. Loved this post, Tiffany! Yes, the relaxing side of summer lures me all year long. Kids sleeping in (I still tend to get up early–love the early morning quiet!) and a slower pace make me love summer. And the sunsets over the mountains? LOVE!

    Wait, I live in Colorado, we get great sunsets almost all-year round. I love the sound of waves crashing though. I definitely don’t get that in Colorado. :)

    1. It’s easy to love isn’t. So enjoy your take on summer too, especially with the kiddos. One of these summers, maybe we’ll mosey on down your way and we can meet!!! :)

  7. Ummm all the yeses!! l love #7. I’ve cream all hours of the day for sure. And sweet tea…YUM!! I’m parked in the #ten spot this week.

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