The Magic in Hello

I was too wordy and I’d run long. My eyes tracked the clock—I needed to wrap it up. I’ll scratch the Q&A session, Lord. My heart quickened, my stomach rolled. It wasn’t an audible word, but I heard it clear as day: Don’t.

Peering over the shoulder of the woman standing before me, one in a line of several who stayed for my thrown together one-on-one Q&A, I saw her alone in the corner. My eyes met hers and she quickly glanced away.

Little did she know, my heart felt exactly the way she looked. I may have stood at the podium a few minutes before, but my soul was bowing its head and wringing its hands. A safe corner sounded pretty fabulous to me too.


She stared after the last woman and watched as the door shut behind her. Hesitantly, she stepped toward me. Before “Hi, there” was out of my mouth, tears were streaming down her face.

I reached for her hand, tugged her forward, and sat her beside me. “You must think I’m so weak,” she whispered.

My instinct was to chuckle—weak meet weak. Had she come to me for strength, or words of wisdom, or hope that would soak up those tears? I wasn’t sure I could deliver, but one thing jogged across my mind: I would have missed this…

God blessed me with what felt like a beautiful surprise, but surely was His master plan, when Meredith Bernard welcomed these words into her home this week. She has made me laugh out loud and I think we’ve shed a few tears together, though we’ve never even been in the same room. That, my friends, is precious and her friendship is one I treasure. Would you kindly follow me over to Meredith’s place to finish reading?

Also linking up with these lovely blogging communities: Holley Gerth (#coffeeforyourheart), Kristin Hill Taylor (#threewordwednesday), and Bonnie Gray (#faithbarista).

Photo courtesy of Unsplash – design by Tiffany Parry.

6 thoughts on “The Magic in Hello

  1. I love this and the way your encourage others. I’m going to finish reading this post now … :)

  2. I just love you, but you know that, right? Yes, so very glad we have shared laughs and tears, even if we are a world away. Because God can work even like that. ;) And I’m honored and humbled that you would let me give these words a home today. They are inspiring and the best reminder that sometimes the best thing we can do is shut up and listen, and it often begins with just a “hello”…<3 Love you!

    1. I love you back, my sweetest friend. God has been beyond gracious to us and sharing in it together is a big, giant cherry on top. Can’t wait to have you here later this month. xoxo

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