This “Blue” Shall Pass {FMF: Blue}

The slow rolling, subtle blue fog settled into my heart about midday Wednesday. It was coupled with exhaustion, unfinished to-do’s, and a bit of defeat. My thoughts drifted toward, “maybe it’s time to quit.”

I’ve confessed it here before. I’ve taken the feelings-first oath. My emotions can get the best of me. A familiar pout positions itself on my lower lip from time to time and the pity party commences. Discontent and dissatisfaction creep in and I consider throwing in the towel.

The scroll unfurled like this … “It would be so much easier to just lay on the couch and say nothing. Words are a lot of work and what’s the point anyways. Hundreds of thousands are speaking the same ones. She’s more gifted than I am. Have you read the way she captures emotion on a page, her prose is worth framing, her technique beyond compare.”

Seated at my desk, my fingers hover over the keyboard, but clarity won’t come.
My husband steps into my office and immediately recognizes the pout. “What’s the matter?”
“My emotions are all over the place.”
He reels me into a hug. “You need to rest. Take tomorrow and rest.”
“I took another teaching assignment.”
“You what?” He rears back wide-eyed and gives me the look. “You were supposed to take the rest of the week off.”
“I felt guilty. I should contribute more. No sense turning down work.”
“You could have run it by me first.” He shakes his head. “I would have told you to say no.”

And then it came out. A lie built on the precursor to the blues. “I’ll be fine.”

But I’m not. Truth is I’m tired. The things I-want-to-do are squealing at me from beneath the need-to-do pile and haven’t-gotten-to stack. My downtime has turned into just-let-me-lay-down time. My body and mind don’t sync at this pace. I’m not the Millennium Falcon – I don’t function at warp speed.

But, there is a remedy. This “blue” shall pass.

FMF blue1

“You’ll do best by filling your minds and meditating on things true, noble, reputable, authentic, compelling, gracious—the best, not the worst; the beautiful, not the ugly; things to praise, not things to curse. Put into practice what you learned from me, what you heard and saw and realized. Do that, and God, who makes everything work together, will work you into his most excellent harmonies.” Philippians 4:8-9 MSG

And by His most excellent harmonies, He does not mean the “blues.”

“You’ll do best” – not “may I suggest” or “you might consider.”
“Meditate” – not “run right past this” or “in one ear and out the other.”
“Sit, be still, think,” He says. Out of the funk and into the Light.
Fix your thoughts on the One who is worthy of their attention.

I swing around and face truth. Through the fog, I grip gratitude and count my many blessings. I preach beautiful praises to my heart and entreat my mind to remember what He’s taught me before – it’s not time to quit. I account for the good He has done and all that He promised is to come – everything is working together.

It hasn’t quite yet, but it’s on its way out. This “blue” shall pass.

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Photo Credit (Text Overlay by Tiffany Parry)

29 thoughts on “This “Blue” Shall Pass {FMF: Blue}

  1. This blue shall pass. Love this, Tiffany. One thing for sure is that our emotions do come and go. “It’s not time to quit” – that’s great advice too. Thanks for the encouraging words here!

  2. Dear Tiffany, I think we all have those times in our lives. But be rest assured the Lord is with you. Don’t give in to the will of the enemy.
    I appreciate your thoughts and the scripture you shared.
    God bless and nice to meet you.

  3. Oh my! How many times my hubby has had to remind me of this very thing. I’m a hard shell to crack when it comes to slowing it down and taking things in stride. I don’t rest well and I always feel it creeping up on me until my husbands arms wrap me up and put it all back into perspective. I have no idea what I’d do without that man to remind me to slow it down and find my rest in Him. Beautiful words, Tiffany!

    1. It’s the curse of SuperMom, right?! We think we can do it all and next thing we know we’re falling out of the sky! :) I’m with you…so grateful for these guys that God gave us knowing how much we would need their sound minds and strong arms. Thanks for visiting, Jennifer…I’m always blessed to hear from you. ((Hugs))

  4. Oh friend… I am so glad that you pushed through the fog and silenced those nagging lying whispers! EVERY story matters… and only you can tell yours… only you can share how you see and what you hear and where He is showing up for you and we need your heart and your words! Comparison attempts to silence us all… there is always someone doing it better or saying it better… but there is only one you! And I think your Honey is a pretty smart man! Maybe you should listen to him! ;) REST well! (and write on!)

    1. My hubby is wise and yes, I need to listen better. He sees what I don’t often. His head is gonna get all big now! Lol ;) Thanks for your encouragement…I’m fixing my eyes on His purpose and pressing on! Hugs, pretty lady in blue. :)

  5. Tiffany, I’ve never read that translation of one of my life verses! I LOVE it. I’ve been where you described. A good night’s sleep, and putting the feelings into words often help me to get out of my “blues.” And yes, to rest or to work? That’s been my frequent debate over the past few weeks. There’s a time to work and a time to rest.

    You have a good man who wants to help you work through and find the balance in your decisions. What a gift!

    And I agree with what others have said. God’s given you a gift with words. I always look forward to your posts. Don’t. Stop. :)

    1. That MSG translation is so good, isn’t it! Yes…I’m definitely in need of some extra rest and a refresher on being mindful of my pace…from the Lord and me sweet hubby! :) Thank you for your encouragement friend…I know you understand and I’m blessed by your words. Hugs!

  6. Oh, Tiffany, this all consuming fatigue is so familiar to me and when we’re low the enemy knows we’re vulnerable to his hissed venomous words. Dear girl, please don’t quit. You have a message to share that we need to hear; you have a heart that beats for our Lord and keeps time with rhythms of grace.
    It’s your very sensitivity that is being used against you; your kindness to take on more which makes your body scream out “Less!” Heed the Spirit within and do the most godly thing… take a nap, take some soul time-out, seek His face and be strengthened by His grace. Blessings and prayers for deeper rest, recovery and healing as you listen to what your soul needs. Yes, this ‘blue’ shall pass. :) Xx

    1. Oh, Joy…thank you for your heart encouragement and wise words. You’ve blessed me so. I’ve never thought of napping as a godly thing, but you’re right…we need that soul time out! Truth does get clouded by exhaustion, this I have learned and I’m purposing to be more mindful! Thank you for stopping by…blessings and hugs to you.

  7. great post tiffany! i have so been there! i felt responsible to bring in money and if my husband wasn’t around and i got called for work, i often would take it b/f checking with him…then regret it:( it’s often a tough call. great topic to cover.

    1. Thank you, Martha. Guilt is a poor motivator isn’t it…it disguises itself as wisdom sometimes and I’m still learning to sift it out. So glad you stopped by…great to meet you through FMF.

  8. This is good stuff, Tiffany. :) So honest, and such a familiar place for most of us I’m sure! What is it that makes us want to do everything and wear ourselves out? I had a similar talk with the hubby the other day when I realized and admitted that I’m not good at being realistic with the number of things I can accomplish in a day. It was getting the best of me that day and affecting everyone around me (especially those I love the most). Here’s to better days ahead! Praying that you and I will both rest in Jesus’ loving arms and let Him do the work for us– because He’s better at it. :)

    1. Amen, Tasha…He is SO much better at it and He’s willing to bear our burdens. Yet we keep picking them up. This stubborn flesh! Thankful for our understanding families who do beat the brunt of our poor choice to do too much. Thanks for sharing your honest heart as well. Here’s to being more wise together!

  9. Your words matter, darling lady. Your voice matters. Don’t silence it. We need you to be you in all your uniqueness; there are people you can reach that others can’t. At the same time, let yourself get the rest you need. Running on empty never works.

    1. Thank you for that sweet encouragement. I am receiving it! ;) And yes, God is still drilling balance into my brain…in my thought life and in my actions. Thanks for being here, friend. Praying you feel better as the hours go by.

  10. These are the lies that the devil whispers into all of our ears. Of that, I have no doubt. I was in this same season earlier this week. Yet, in obedience, God allowed the words to come and do his work. Such a blessing we have to share. Never talk yourself out of it. I did once and I regret every hour I lost to hone and perfect this gift he has given me. My prayers for balance to you.

    1. Spot on, Sam. And when I’m weak and weary, his lies can be louder than truth. But God is bigger and when I ask, His truth prevails – there is victory there, right! Thank you for your encouragement, friend – whenever I try to lay down this calling, God chases after me with the words so I’m thinking He’s not letting me off the hook. :) Blessed by your prayers and grateful for your words here today. Hugs!

  11. Tiffany, I pray that your blues shall pass soon. It is so easy to get caught up in them, isn’t it? My emotions often get the best of me too friend. “This too shall pass friend!”

    1. Thank you, Tara – God gave me a pat on the back this morning and kind of said, “Glad you got that out of your system, now on with it.” I’m dragging my feet a tad, but I’m moving forward, so there’s that! :) Blessed you visited today, dear one. Hugs!

  12. Aahhh… my twin in life here! I so often feel this same way… taking on too much and feeling overloaded by what I’ve heaped on myself! I keep telling myself I need to take the counsel of my husband more than I do. We don’t have to do it all and so often they are looking out for our best and we seem to add just more to our bundle! We both have some good men by our sides! :)

    I love this verse. It’s sort of a life verse for me and today you have reminded me once again where I need to keep my focus!
    Thank you! Have a great weekend! :)

    1. Yup – he always tells me I should listen but my stubborn heart thinks I’m doing him a favor when I charge forward and try to take on the world. You’re right…we are blessed by these men and I’m so grateful he’s that soft place to land when I’m well, plain prideful! I’m glad this verse can remind us both to keep our focus. Thanks for swinging by, friend and glad to see you on Twitter last night – next time show that pretty face sooner!! :)

  13. Tiffany don’t stop writing. You are gifted! God is using your words to be my neighbor this morning. The reminder I read…slow down, it is okay to say no, it is likely best that I run things by my husband too ;), and talk with the Father when we are blue. We make it one day at a time. I’m a “yes” girl too. Sometimes it is okay to rest, sleep on things, and know that taking time away from some things is okay…even blogging. Break away, and snuggle God if you need to. Know that YOU matter deeply to your husband and to this world. We all have a place. Teachers have big hearts! <3 well. jenn

    1. I love that, Jenn – snuggling with God is a perfect answer. You’re right, slowing down and letting Him (and my husband) bring perspective is something I need to be mindful of. At least this time I caught myself before the Lord laid me flat on my back. I’m making progress!! :) Thank you for your sweet encouragement about our places – we do all have one and I’m grateful that I can share mine with you. xoxo

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