Jesus Is {FMF: Relief}

I often wonder how people do it.

How do they endure the uphill battles, the storms and trials, the intricacies of life without God? How do they crawl out of bed, set their feet on the floor, and trek into the day without a glimpse of Him? What meaning is there in the joy and triumph, the fulfillment of a promise, if you believe it’s haphazardly dropped into your life?

We all know them – the ones who don’t necessarily deny His existence but whom certainly don’t embrace it. They’ve wished but never prayed, promised but never surrendered. When the rubber meets the road they hope He’s up there, but when it’s full-steam ahead, life at their own pace, they’d rather He not be.

How do you live without grace? Where is the relief?

We who have known God’s grace and experienced His nearness can’t possibly fathom life without it. Doesn’t the very thought make you shutter? 

The reality is that we were once “them” – we were the ones who denied and ignored.

Some days we still are.

We forget the fullness of His presence, our access to the throne room, the promise of His strength. We turn our feet to forward and establish our own path without consideration for His purpose before us. We revert back to the former and lay aside the new creation. We will always be “them.”

FMF Relief

We don’t set ourselves apart – God does that. We wear the banner of His salvation not of our own doing, but at the great cost of His sacrifice.

Jesus is our relief. He is the soft sigh, the gentle breeze, the whisper that says despite our forgetfulness and failing flesh, we are His and He is ours. 

Nothing can change that.

I’m absolutely convinced that nothing—nothing living or dead, angelic or demonic, today or tomorrow, high or low, thinkable or unthinkable—absolutely nothing can get between us and God’s love because of the way that Jesus our Master has embraced us. Romans 8:38 MSG

Relax your shoulders and take a deep breath – those words are written in relief.

And we need to remember them. When the days are difficult and the climb is steep. When we forget that He is for us and if nothing can stand against Him, nothing can conquer us. Nothing.

They need the words too – the ones who don’t realize that just because they don’t believe them, they are not any less true. They are His too. And if they haven’t heard, we need to tell them.

Because more than any of us, they need relief.

Let’s wear our relief. Let it shine in our words and our actions – the stories of our conquering faith. Not because there is a single thing about us that is better than them, but because we are them … and the only thing bridging the gap between us is God.

*This post is part of the Five Minute Friday link-up. This incredible community of writers participate in a weekly five-minute-free-write. It is purposed to be unedited – but my Type A personality binds me to a quick refinement and spell check. Most importantly it’s an opportunity to pour our hearts on the page over one pre-selected word prompt. This weeks word is: relief. To learn more about this free write challenge, visit Kate and the crew over here and/or check out the fun at the Thursday night (5:30 PT) Twitter-fest at #fmfparty.

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19 thoughts on “Jesus Is {FMF: Relief}

    1. Thank you, Rachel…God’s been making me mindful of our stories and how powerful they are. I don’t want to look beyond people and place them in a “them” category when I find myself falling back into old patterns all the time. It’s a journey of faith with Him for sure! Have a blessed weekend, friend!

  1. Tiffany,
    yes and yes! My favorite line was “Not because there is a single thing about us that is better than them, but because we are them”

    How easy it is to get self-absorbed and then offended when instead we are called to graciousness. And? What a relief to others when we extend that other cheek rather than a closed heart.
    This is truly how Christ is made known-through love and grace.

    Your heart is resonating with mine this week. Thanks again for the fmf visit!!

  2. Amen, Jesus is my relief! Since I know Him, I can’t imagine my life without His presence. I have passed my trials because He has been with me all the time. Beautiful Post! Blessings,

    Tayrina from TGAWrites

  3. well done.

    I’ve wondered the same things about people who don’t believe in God. How do they cope with no foundation that’s secure? That’s just unfathomable to us who do believe and trust in God for our hope, security and salvation.

    1. I know – it’s really hard to imagine how people “manage” – especially since faith can be such a fight even for us who believe. But there is ALWAYS comfort in knowing that we have that hope and security in Him and that we never walk alone – He proves that over and over, doesn’t He? Thanks so much for commenting – it’s nice to hear from you. :)

  4. Tiffany, I’ve always wondered how those who don’t believe can get through those hard times. You’re right we need to share with them our stories and the sweet relief only Jesus can give.

    1. It’s feels so foreign to us, doesn’t it – not having the Lord to lean on. Sweet relief, indeed – what a blessing to be able to share it. Thanks for visiting, Tara!

  5. What great insight. I wonder that all the time, what a heavy burden to carry in this world without the relief of Jesus. It gives us as believers such a sense of urgency to share with others, to show them relief. -visiting from FMF

    1. I agree – especially in this day and age when the burdens are great, in our own lives and the world around us. It does give me the boldness to tell me story and encourage others that He loves them and wants to know them more! Thanks so much for visiting today.

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