Stepping Out of the Shadows

The dark can be deceiving. While it can hide danger that lurks, it can also bring comfort and rest. Imperfections and insecurities are neatly tucked away where the light doesn’t shine.

We don’t have to deal with what can’t be seen. Or do we?

I spent a lot of time in the shadows. I believed it was what “good girls” should do. Out of respect, we keep our opinions to ourselves. In obedience, we stay in our boxes and don’t shake things up. Striving for humility, we avoid the spotlight.

So I stayed in the shadows. In a sanctuary, on a pew, I hid.

And when God called, when the gifts He had given stirred restlessness in me as they clawed to the surface seeking light, I shoved them down deep – because that’s what proper Christian women do, right?

We’re supposed to wait for someone to notice. Or are we? …

===> I am beyond honored to have been invited into Meredith Bernard’s beautiful home to join my heart with hers and share this post on the Woman to Woman link-up. Please pop on over to continue reading and while you’re there, linger a bit and savor her lens and pen. I have no doubt that her charm, grace, and authenticity will captivate you just as they have me.

Also linking up with the beautiful blogging communities and friends of my heart, Holley GerthKristin Hill Taylor, and Jennifer Dukes Lee.

6 thoughts on “Stepping Out of the Shadows

  1. Your message is important and powerful, Tiffany. Perhaps your journey isn’t over yet? Bright and beautiful still await. Blessings.

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