One Brave Soul: #MyFaithHeroine

This blog post is part of Michelle DeRusha’s #MyFaithHeroine contest, in connection with the release of the book 50 Women Every Christian Should Know. Find out how to participate here.  

{ It is published with permission and dedicated to my faith heroine. }

One might assume that a heroine of faith would wear the signs of age, years of experience written across her face, stories of endurance and fortitude parting her lips. Perhaps having remained steadfast, she passes on her legacy of faith to generation upon generation who sit at her knee.

Such is the journey we long for. Time to walk our path, learn our lessons, and bear the fruit of a life of unwavering faith.

My heroine comes in a more humble package. She wears the badge of a tested faith, clung to by sheer force of will through doubt and restless moments. Her faith has been imperfect. She has longed for strength she could not feel, yet pressed on, pushed through, and sifted among the ashes for His promised beauty within.

Her faith has been tried by betrayal. Promises to have and to hold until death parts cast aside, valued as worthless. She has pieced together shattered vows clinging to the hope that God, Who values her as priceless, would bind the wounds and heal her heart.

She has cried out to God and asked why. Struggling through tears, she has sought out the good He has promised, the future that seems light years away. She has put one foot in front of the other and climbed the peaks and valleys of faith. Her heart has bowed down and surrendered, trusting that nothing is impossible with Him. Choosing to fix her eyes on God’s promise to restore what was lost, she counts it all joy.


My faith heroine has purposed to be an example in spite of her pain. She has carpooled, caravaned, and sheltered her children hoping and praying that God would protect them from the hurt that she would willingly carry to spare theirs. Molding, encouraging, and pointing them to God, she has seen His provision in their sweet smiles. Their lives virtually unfazed by the devastation threatening her own heart.

Though she has grown weary, she has paid forward the comfort of God. She has served with a generous heart, choosing to esteem the needs of others as higher than her own. I have watched, in reverence and awe, her determination and perseverance as she has lived out her faith with transparency and vulnerability, encouraging those around her that it is real.

She has battled and endured beyond her years and God has whispered victory over her. Underneath her are His everlasting arms, strengthening her resolve. She walks forward in His promises of grace and forgiveness. Her family will never be what it once was, but neither will her faith. It is stronger, reinforced by the trial endured, girded by passion for His word, and proven true by the willingness to walk the path again if the prize was more of Him.

She is my sister in Christ and my dearest friend. One brave soul who has navigated a path not fit for the faint of heart. She is my heroine and I could not be more proud to pin a badge of faith on her. It is earned and bears the “well done, faithful one” of the Savior she loves above all else.

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6 thoughts on “One Brave Soul: #MyFaithHeroine

  1. Oh, so beautifully written here! It is touching that you have the heart to see this bravery in your friend… and to see it with such clarity and grace. I am sure your friend will be blessed to read these words.

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