Five Minute Friday: Long

The path ahead can often seem long and wide, the distance stretching out before us. Perhaps it is enduring a trial, accomplishing a task, or waiting on a promise, that has us feeling like the seconds tick by much too slowly. Why so long?

We are a culture that has our hearts set on instant gratification. We have access to the world virtually at our fingertips and literally in our back pockets. And let’s be honest, we often expect God to speed up His timetable to meet our schedule.

I’ve been praying for patience for years. My ideal answer to this petition would come in the form of…poof, patience! God in His great wisdom has simply brought me opportunities to exercise this spiritual muscle. I can stomp my feet and ask for fast vs. long, but alas His ways are higher. And yes, best.

We think finite, while God is eternal. We see the here and now, while God sees the beginning from the end. We want immediate responses and God wants exceedingly, abundantly more than our present hopes. We worry over the uncertain moments and out of our control concerns, while God promises that we are already walking in the good things that He planned for us long ago.

“Long” is not promised to me, but God’s presence is. His mighty hand is moving and working in ways much greater than any timepiece can measure. The anxiety of impatience is not a burden He intends me to bear. Time is not now, nor will it ever be, in my hands – it rests quite comfortably in His.

And really, truly…how long, is too long to wait, when the end result will always be His perfect will.


*This post is a link up to Five Minute Friday – an incredible community of writers who take five minutes to pour out their hearts on the page over one word. This weeks word is: long. To learn more about this free write challenge, visit here.

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6 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Long

  1. Oh such true words! I think this is a challenge for many of us … waiting. Waiting requires trust and surrender, and letting go. Yet in the waiting, we learn to lean all the more into His promises!

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