Setting Sail with God-Sized Dreams…

Letting go is never easy.
We often find ourselves attached to things, that while noble pursuits, are simply not meant to be. We can hold on as tight as we want, yet they can still be ripped from our clutches. We can chase them down, convince ourselves we know what’s best, and claim them as our own. Or we can trust – that what God has undone, is best let go.

** Hint: Don’t bet against God. You might have your will, but He will have His way!

Even at God’s command, releasing that which we hold dear, isn’t easy. Sometimes, it just plain hurts.

If you are still traveling the path of letting go – take heart. He who wounds, also heals. God leads us on these journeys to refine us, to plant our feet in a tried and true faith. The process may be painful – obedience and surrender often are – but the fruit of lessons learned is far reaching and remains long after the initial sting has faded. We are never left lacking when it is God who provides.

If you have completed this journey – share your fruit. Tell your fellow travelers of God’s faithfulness – how did He bind your wounds, heal your heart, and restore that which you lost. Comfort with the comfort you have received. Your story may be exactly what people need to hear to know there is Light at the end of their tunnel.

God led me on a journey of letting go and today, I’m privileged to share my story with the readers at God-sized Dreams. Sail on over and see what He can do

God Sized Dreams

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