Just One Word – Five Minute Friday


Are you ready to believe that every one of My promises is truth?
Are you ready to believe I’ll do what I’ve said I will?

That’s what the word “ready” prompts in me.
A challenge to believe. Really believe in the faith I proclaim.
A whisper to stand in faith – be brave and be ready to believe.

To cast aside doubt – in myself and more so in God.

Are you ready to believe that I won’t leave or forsake you?
Are you ready to believe I can do exceedingly, abundantly more?
Are you ready to believe that I am indeed Sovereign, My plans are better, My ways are Higher.

Will you believe what you say you do?  Will you stand bold and unwavering?
Or will you give in to the lies that say you’re not enough, you can’t, you never will.

Are you ready to throw up your white flag and surrender to My plan instead of yours?

Be ready, He says. Once you surrender all, there is no telling where We will go.


This is my first post written as part of Five Minute Friday – a five minute free write challenge prompted by a single word. Today’s word is: ready. Learn more at katemotaung.com.

This was the most freeing and most stressful five minutes EVER. Five minutes to write, then stop dead, brought a funny kind of freedom. Of course, my five minutes was plagued by a low battery warning on the laptop, my husband calling, and the Sparklett’s delivery guy showing up at the door. So while I promise I only wrote for five minutes, I hit the pause button on the timer more than five times – yup, that’s how I roll. And…let’s be real – if the enemy thinks we can speak truth in five minutes – you know there was a whole frenzy of attacks set ablaze this morning!

Also – a special shout out to Abby at fearfullymademom.net for inspiring the quest to find out what this five minute thing was all about! 


14 thoughts on “Just One Word – Five Minute Friday

  1. So glad you joined the Five Minute Friday community. I love how you used questions to challenge us with your thoughts about being ready. May we surrender all to Christ and ready ourselves for the wonder that will come next. Blessings!

  2. Oh, I’m so glad you joined in the FMF craziness! I love this post and the call to faith that it is. Are you ready…..? It takes faith to answer that question with a Yes! I loved your post here. Stopping by from FMF. ;)

    1. Thank you for stopping by, Jeanne. It’s such an special blessing to link up to a community of like minded sisters in faith. I’m grateful we answer to a mighty God who can take even the reluctantly whispered “yes” and do great things! :)

    1. Thanks, Abby! I’ve read a lot of your 5-minute posts but was too scared to take the leap. God’s been writing “be brave” all over my life, so you gave me the perfect little nudge I needed. I’m grateful for that!

    1. I know, Britt. It’s beautifully terrifying, especially when we have seen first hand what God can do with a heart surrendered to Him. I guess it boils down to trust – believing that whatever package He brings it in, His plans are best. Thanks for visiting friend!! ❤️

  3. Thank you for sharing the truth about being ready for all that God has for us. Thank you also for taking all the interruptions in stride. I am glad that I was your five minute Friday neighbor, and I have been encouraged by this reminder of God’s truth. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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