This One Goes with the Journey

I’m a music writer.
Well, not literally…I don’t write music. I write to music.
Sometimes music inspires what I write. Sometimes it fuels me while I write.

When I’m writing, I tend to see and feel first, then match words to that experience. Music plays a big part in that. You know what it’s like when that lyric, tone, or harmony brings about a tangible response. You get goosebumps, your heart beats, you smile or you’re transported back in time. Sometimes they’re good memories – sometimes not so much. In that case, I recommend country music. :)

I want my writing to do that – to go deeper than the mind and touch the heart.

I think that’s what God wants from us too. He doesn’t want His words to us to just be head knowledge – He wants them to be heart knowledge. To sink in, go deep, to resonate and linger – to become a part of who we are.

This song, goes with the journey I shared yesterday.
This song, makes me stop, be still, and worship. It hits me squarely in the heart.

In my life, still doesn’t always come easy. When I’m about to take on something new, peace and quiet aren’t the predominant emotions running through my head. It’s those unknowns I talked about – they are usually front and center.

But oh, this song.
It makes my eyes flutter shut, it bows my heart, stills my mind, and lifts my hands.
It initiates that tangible response and I in turn, stop and worship.
This is a soul lifting, eyes off of me, turned to Him, meet me where I’m at, rescue me kind of worship.

This worship is prayer without saying a single word.
It’s where I ask God to lead me to a place where my trust is without borders – a place I want to go.
It’s where I seek a faith that is deeper and stronger than I can accomplish alone – it is found only in His presence.

Will you take a minute? Right now? Just stop.
Turn up the volume. Let the music envelop and wash over you.
Be still, be refreshed. Meet with the God who is real, who loves you, and worship Him.

And, if music doesn’t do that for you, that’s okay. Just be still and watch, listen, read the words, and let Him move.

Will you tell me what happens when you do?


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