The One and Only Journey

I’ve said my goodbyes.
I’m setting sail on a new journey.
I’m leaving behind familiar shores laden with comfort and routine and venturing out into uncharted territory…the land of the unknowns.

As is my pattern, I’m trying to foresee what is ahead. I’m up on my tip toes hoping to catch a glimpse of what waits in the distance. Wondering, dreaming, wishing…what’s up there? What hurdles await? How far and high will I have to climb to get there?

Unknowns can be terrifying. The inability to predict what is to come signals a loss of control that my ordered nature isn’t so keen on. My flesh rebels against chaos…it sets me on a single minded spin cycle. Unpredictability keeps me up at night painting possibilities on my bedroom ceiling.

My answer…

I seek rescue in the One who sees, knows, and understands what has been and what is to come. I sigh in relief as He reminds me that what is unknown to me, is absolute in Him. What I cannot predict, is His finished work.

He has gone before me, paving the path with His purposes, so that I can walk confidently in His footsteps. He’s already been where I’m going and He knows just what I’ll need to get there. He will shine light in the shadows and illuminate this journey.

My part…

“Watch. Stand fast in the faith. Be brave. Be strong.” 1 Corinthians 16:13

I may not be able to see what lies ahead, but He is there. With eyes fixed on a sovereign God, I am expectant, watching what He will accomplish with a heart turned towards Him. On guard, I am mindful that the enemy is ready to sink this ship with storms of doubt, fear, and weariness. I seek His direction, His voice, to whisper “turn left – turn right.”

I hold fast. I endure, planting my feet in a faith that is sure and absolute. Faith in an unshakeable, unchanging God who knows what I need to complete my journey and is ready to supply those needs with all the power of heaven behind Him.

I can be brave. I will be strong. In Him. It is in the presence of fear and weakness when these courageous efforts are fully engaged and of greatest value. If you’re not scared, it’s not brave. (If I wasn’t so scared, I’d have ‘be brave’ tattooed on my body…alas, I’ll settle for a post-it at eye level).

The path ahead is uncertain, but it is gracious uncertainty. My unknowns are bound together by the hands of a God who fights for me, grants grace and favor, and gives (or takes away) with an authority that is second to none.

He acts upon a viewpoint far greater than any eye can see. And He does it for me. As if mine was the one and only journey He navigates. He loves me that much.

And that…makes me want to be brave. Be brave with me?

This post is dedicated to someone special. You know who you are. On an inside joke, let this serve as a reminder that a date with a sovereign God is the only one night stand you’ll ever need. :)

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