One Leap Over the Safety Net

Sometimes you have to give up.
Sometimes you have to push through.
It’s in the in between where you take a leap of faith.

The Lord has been writing perseverance on my heart. It’s actually an odd mix of surrender stirred together with courage and desire. It’s a recipe for pushing forward, pressing on, and looking ahead with expectancy.

Some days, giving up seems like a simpler alternative. Relaxing into nothingness.
No commitments, no hard work, just easy breezy…empty.

But then there’s that whisper, that still small voice. A confirmation to keep moving on. That it is worth it, that it will bear fruit, that God is in it.

He says persevere. He says take the leap.
He says, go ahead…I’m your safety net.

“Even to your old age I am He, and even to hair white with age will I carry you. I have made, and I will bear; yes, I will carry and will save you. (‭Isaiah‬ ‭46‬:‭4‬ AMP)

God will carry you over the treacherous waters of doubt.
He will bear the burden of fear, loss, worry, and hurt.
He will carry you through the storm.
God will save you.

How could you not persevere when you have an on board rescuer? Willing and ready to scoop you up if you fall…if you fail. Ready to provide, to protect, to enable, to forgive. From the very beginning to the absolute end, He is there.

With eyes fixed on Him, press on. Everlasting arms are your safety net.
Take courage. Literally, take it…He’s offering it. Your lacking for His fullness.

Take a step, a leap, knowing that He is able and willing to catch your dreams and mingle them with His will to do things over and above what your finite, fearful, doubtful mind could ever fathom.

You are His. He has made and He will carry. He is there.

Oh, but wait, He whispers. There is perseverance in surrender too. Letting go is always a leap of faith.

What do you need to surrender?
The people – kids, husbands, family, the seemingly unreachable loved ones.
The things – job, debt, health, habits, patterns, worries, the sin.
The dreams and ideas – the ones you are holding onto with clenched fists.
You are trying to save them, keep them alive, by sheer force of will.
You don’t want to let go. If you give up, who’ll carry them?

He has made. He will carry. They are His too.

Reliance on you and your abilities will be futile. You will not now, nor will you ever have enough power to save them. You cannot bear, carry, and rescue with any sufficiency or sovereignty…so surrender.

Me, you, them (whatever they are) – we were bought at a price. A lavish kind of love that we cannot afford. Christ paid for our perseverance with His blood. Don’t stop believing that He can and will do just as He has promised – the cost is too high to falter in faith.

He will carry you, hold you up.
When you fall, because you will, we all do, He will save you.
He will save them. Only He can.

Sometimes you have to give up, sometimes you have to let go.
But God doesn’t. He won’t. Trust in the one who is waiting, arms outstretched, hands pierced. Your rescuer, your redeemer, your safety net.

Leap and watch with expectancy, courage, and desire in tow. Bring those fears, doubts, and worries too. Press on, push through, surrender if you have too. But take the leap of faith.

He’s got you. You are His.

Featured photo credit:
DaughterZion Designs

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