One More Yesterday

You cannot change the past. Don’t waste your time trying to change it. It’s done.
Chuck Swindoll

This is so true. Especially as women, we often struggle with letting go of the things that go wrong in our yesterday’s. We rehash them over and over wondering what if we had said something different, or why we didn’t think to say that, or struggling with self doubt over decisions we did or did not make. We lay awake at night wishing and wondering over why’s and what ifs. We can literally get stuck in a yesterday that we very practically no longer have control over. We waste minutes and hours tearing into memories. There is no rewind button on this life, though we all know, at some point, we would have slammed our clenched fists into it, if we could.

But oh, Jesus. Each new day, every sunrise, brings a gleaming clean slate, a fresh start, a brand new beginning ripe with mercy and bathed in grace. Yesterday is gone and today is nestled safely in His hands. There we can find rest in forgiveness for all of our yesterday’s and look towards a future filled with hope. In His arms we can cry out, scream over, and lay to rest yesterday…we surrender what we cannot control.

Rinse and repeat. He washes us clean, but we’ll no doubt walk that path strewn with mistakes and missteps again. We’ll pick up our yesterday and we’ll continue to carry it, drag it, even when we know we should lay it down. It will bring tears and pain as fresh as the moment it happened. And God will stay steady in comforting us over a past He has already washed away, a past He gave His own tears and pain for.

I am so grateful that He does not grow weary of our failures. He sees them coming and He stands ready, waiting to receive, renew, and redeem.

Rest, dear sister, rest. As the sun sets today, give over the doubt, the worry, the burden, the wonders and the whys. Over the horizon is a new day and He meets you in it, His everlasting arms full of grace, strength, and promise. Sink in, scoop up, relish in it…it never runs out. Hope is on that horizon and it goes on for as far as the eye can see. Trust in that, but when you can’t, remember. He understands and He still waits, ready to receive you just as you are, all of your yesterday’s, today’s, and tomorrow’s in tow.

You cannot change the past. Don’t waste your time trying to change it. It’s done.

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