Not One

Sisters…do you find that getting stuck in the cycle of comparison and perfectionism can be paralyzingly to your walk with the Lord and gradually strip you of your identity in Christ?

It’s not the example Jesus set for us, yet so often, especially as women, we watch and wait for each other to fail thinking it will somehow make us feel better to know that someone else missed the mark. Or we are ensnared in our thoughts that we could never be as “holy” or “good” as the Christian gal down the street.

Rather, we should be completing each other. We should be the ones who rush to our fallen sister, pull her up, dust her off, and walk alongside her until she regains her footing. We should find freedom and rest in grace knowing, that none of us, not one, will ever achieve perfection this side of heaven.

Now…oh, to practice what I preach! To allow the balm of grace to refresh and the fear of failure to float way. To be that refreshment to another when they most thirst for it.

Love these words from Chuck Swindoll…


“How very easy it is to manipulate and victimize our Christian brothers and sisters! How quickly the thin thread of freedom snaps as heavy weights of perfectionistic expectations are laid on us! Christ Jesus never did that with those around Him. When people were near Him, there was incredible magnetism because of His absence of unrealistic expectations, subtle demands, and manipulative devices. Rather than using pressure tactics, He simply accepted people as they were.

Paralysis sets in when we struggle to breathe in the choking context of the perfection-expectation syndrome. Fed by fear and guilt, the Christian becomes a victim of fellow Christians rather than a victor in Christ.

Let’s back off! Let’s relax the stranglehold on each other. Let’s allow the Lord to do the correcting and the finger-pointing and the demanding and the judging. Let’s grow up and stop being so nitpicking and condemning.”


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