One Who Saves

     I was thinking this morning about how often, as a mom, little annoyances and the daily path of raising a small person to be a responsible young adult, can be daunting.  Now, as I pray for the families in Newtown, the unfathomable loss of the Lusko family in their sweet girl, and the loss of Frank Pastore, the daunting moments become precious, fleeting opportunities. How gracious is our God that as we stand in faith, praying for the body of Christ, He teaches us and whispers to us that we are not promised to be spared from such tragedy, each tomorrow is a gift not to be taken for granted, and it is our service unto Him to live each day with a joyful heart of gratitude for each and every moment He allows us with the ones we love.
     Which of these parents/families woke on that fateful day and thought amidst the business of school lunch, rushed breakfasts, and kisses goodbye, that it would be there last? Oh, how I’m reminded to keep me eyes fixed on the author and finisher of our faith, our Alpha and Omega…only He sees the beginning from the end and has each day counted. May we each honor these precious lives, not lost, but now spent in the presence of their King, by counting each moment this Christmas. Stopping, watching, holding, loving, and adoring those precious gifts of family, friends, faith, that come at the hand of a Loving, Gracious, Almighty God.
     May we take the time to share the promise of heaven that now holds new meaning as longing hearts wait to see their loved ones again one day. Such hope is found in the promise that if you simply place your faith in Christ, turn to Him as your God and the One who saves, rescues, and restores…lost tomorrow’s are found in a promise of eternity with Him in Heaven. Why, oh why, would you ever pass by a gift like that…a happy ending of which you will find none comparable under the Christmas tree.
     Today, I’ll hug my husband and my son, remembering the parents and families who don’t get to do the same and thanking my God for the moments to love what He has blessed me with.
To read more about the families who have precious ones with the Lord this Christmas:

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