One More Thing

One more thing means I re-heat my coffee several times before I take a sip.  One more thing means I don’t sit down and really breathe all day long. One more thing means I end up in some type of avoidable pain.  Sometimes, one more thing means I miss out on a special word from the Lord because I just had to do…one more thing.  One more thing is usually some – thing that could be postponed, put off, or just slightly delayed so that I could get to the things that really mattered.  Usually one more thing is barren busyness – a dish to be washed, a load of laundry to be tossed in, a post to be made on Facebook, an email to be answered.  Not necessarily unimportant – but the world will not come to a screeching halt if they are not attended to immediately.

Beware of barren busyness – behind it usually lies deceit and scheming.  An enemy after the matters of the heart. Barren busyness draws us away from blessings and steals away a great deal of unclaimed joy.  As a self-proclaimed control freak and a person who loves order and routine (I’ve mentioned that, right? ;) ), these weaknesses are played upon and magnified to keep me from choosing the more important things.  And yes, it is a choice.  No excuses – the choice to do one more thing is one that plagues me often and that I have to fight back and push aside.  The choice to stop and not “do” is not one that comes easily or naturally.  For me, it is a deliberate choice to make the time to sit, take in, and enjoy small moments – meaningful words – and necessary communication.  It is a choice, that when made correctly, reaps eternal rewards and bountiful blessings that are beyond measure.

Now, sometimes, one more thing is merited and it is valid.  I am not a proponent of postponing or choosing the easy path.  I’m all about nipping things in the bud and trying to get things done timely and even early.  Delays and pressing deadlines usually lead to stress and anxiety and that, well, that’s a whole nother bag of beans.  But, when I stop and really meditate on the moments (see my last post), I realize that choosing wisely is once again an essential.  When one more thing is vital and necessary – let’s have at it!  When one more thing is for a moment of enjoyment – a pause to connect with friends, giggle, and let go…you go on! But, when one more thing is barren and empty, when it’s something that keeps us from the essentials and can just as easily be picked up later without detriment – in another moment – or maybe even a few, then, let’s put it aside and choose the more excellent way.  Instead, I’ll choose a moment to… snuggle with my baby, sit with my husband, read a favorite book or quote, be still and breathe, and most of all – sit at the feet of my Lord and Savior and soak in that precious promise that He has just for me.

I once read that God waits for us to meet with Him every day and, when we don’t come – it’s a moment missed and blessing gone by.  But, He still sits and waits – longing for that time with us and beckoning us into His presence.  He sits on the little loveseat in my office everyday – next to my basket with my bible, my favorite devotionals, and notecards.  He waits on me!  And, when and if I chose one more thing – one barren choice – over a sweet sit down with my Heavenly Father, what, oh what, has passed me by?  All the more…I left Him sitting on my loveseat, alone…and waiting.  That feels wrong – and rude, at the very least! One more thing, in this case, can be a choice with irrevocable consequences. The word fitly spoken, the mood that hurt another’s feelings, the lack of discernment, the blessing gone by – all because of the personal encouragement and exhortation that was missed…that can be far-reaching.

I’ll inevitably choose one more thing, one more day or a few more after that.  It’s the flesh, it’s the battle – it’s the sin nature and the lust of temptation – even if it’s just a load of laundry or an unmade bed.  But…in the back of my mind and prayerfully at the front of my  heart, I ask that God remind me – nudge me – whisper to me…is this the one more thing you should be choosing?  And then…I’ll stop.  I’ll stop and drink the cup of coffee while it’s hot. I’ll stop and just be still and savor. I’ll stop and snuggle (I don’t pass up snuggles). I’ll stop working and not throw out my back. I’ll stop and sit at His feet.

“And Jesus answered and said to her, “Martha, Martha, you are worried and troubled about many things.  But one thing is needed, and Mary has chosen that good part, which will not be taken away from her.”  Luke 10:41-42

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